First is Dane DeHaan with that stache, I mean, TULIP FEVER. Been waiting for this movie for AGESSSSS. It felt like ages. Been waiting for this since it was announced that Dane was starring in it because DANE. DEHAAN.

And omg Alicia Vikander is so pretty! I haven’t seen her films but I gotta change that since she just won an Oscar. There’s also Judi Dench in this film and JUST HELLO HISTORICAL DANE DEHAAN IS A PAINTER AND HAVING HOT HOT FORBIDDEN SEX WITH HIS PATRON’S WIFE HELLO I AM SO EXCITED. Even if it looks like Oscar bait like everyone in the comments section reiterates.

Next is…

SNOWDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bemoaned Shailene Woodley’s casting a long time ago because I am not a fan of hers but her role seems to be safe and won’t be irritating me so HOPE. BUT LEMME FOCUS ON JGL BECAUSE HELLO FINE SPECIMEN. He so rocks Snowden’s look! What a chameleon! Those glasses look good on you, bb. ACK JGL!!!

I saw the teaser trailer for SNOWDEN a few months back and got excited for the film. (Even more since the fact that the movie has JGL has gotten me excited loooooooooong before.) But guys, this trailer looks so good! Unfortunately, like a friend has mentioned, the hacking in this film looks so cinematic and fake and Hollywood. Totally not real-life like that on Mr. Robot. But then again, I’d still take it but really, it looks so laughable. HAHAHA


*coherence come back to me, this post is done*

But god, I could have kissed you

While I was on Spotify (when am I not on Spotify?), I was, as usual, trying to discover new-to-me artists via the Discover tab. And once again, Because you listened to Hippo Campus led me to this wonderful indie-pop band, BAD BAD HATS.

Right from the start of the album opener Midway, I knew I’ll love this band and their songs. I haven’t been kind and into indie-pop acts with a female vocalist with those airy, childlike and sweet vocals for so long. Twee! Yes, that’s how it’s called. But even though Kerry Alexander definitely fits that bill, I really dug what I initially heard so I continued listening to their debut LP Psychic Reader. And guess what, I haven’t stopped listening to it! WHY DID I ONLY DISCOVER THEM TODAY?

Go check them out by listening to Midway!

I haven’t blogged for a month!!


April was cray. But happy. Definitely happy. ❤

In other news, craved for shrimp aligue (crab fat) pasta today so I cooked it! Gents, fall in line, I’m ready to get hitched! HAHAHA

I cooked all my meals today. #adulting SO PROUD OF MYSELF

So why have I been so busy? Well, dragonboat takes up my time nowadays AKA I spend lots of time with my teammates outside of our trainings too so there’s that. And I’ve been watching lots of indie films recently and going to videoke and gigs/shows and lots of social calls and gatherings. I’ve caught up with my shows too and LIFE IS GLORIOUS. Haven’t been reading as much as I would like but certainly enough.

Hopefully I get to recharge this May. Haha! This introvert needs her rest.