I haz a book club now!


A club of two is still a club, right?

I have this friend who’s such a voracious reader like moi. Although, while I read mostly young adult novels, he’s more into sci-fi and literary. We once read THE MARTIAN on a weekend and subsequently discussed it when we saw each other. It’s quite surprising how we thought of making a book club of the two of us only now. Makes sense too though since we don’t usually read the same books.

But I want to read more literary fiction. More adult novels. I still love YA and I still mostly read YA but I wanna diversify my reading. To learn more, to feel more, to challenge myself. So HERE WE ARE!

This April, we’re reading something by Sylvia Plath, most likely THE BELL JAR. This decision was spurred by me sharing this quote to him: “I like people too much or not at all.” A quote I related to so much that I needed to share it to him and discuss. And then I’m like, I wanna read Sylvia Plath and I asked him if he wants to have a book club with me!

I added some interesting rules to the book club though.

1. We pick turns choosing the book for that month. But I already chose Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See for May because I seriously need the push to finish that book. Hahaha! The other has veto power.

2. Aside from reading and discussing books, there’s one thing we also like and that’s DRINKING TOGETHER! So we’ll discuss the book during the first week of the next month while drinking so we also get to meet and hang out.

3. Lastly, if someone ends up not finishing the book, he/she will pay for the bill during said discussion night. Hahaha! We needed a punishment so we’d read our books.

He agreed right away at the mention of drinking. Hahaha! I know my friend so well.


*gif has nothing to do with the post but it’s rami malek so it’s there

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