You’re not twenty and detached now | Mating Ritual (2016) by Mating Ritual


Back in 2013, I discovered Pacific Air, an indie pop duo AKA the amazing fountain of synth-pop that gave us FLOAT and MOVE. It was love at first listen as their whole album, Stop Talking, pretty much monopolized my ears for a long time. I was an instant fan and I immediately followed them on social media because MUST. KNOW. WHEN. THEY. HAVE. NEW. SONGS.

Sadly, in September 2014, I learned that Pacific Air was no more. Taylor Lawhon’s going to college and so it was the end. I was ready to mourn and cry my eyes out but apparently, Ryan Lawhon (yes, they’re brothers) has a new project called MATING RITUAL. I did mourn the loss of Pacific Air but I was glad that there was a chance that it might live on with Mating Ritual.

AND IT DEFINITELY LIVED ON. Mating Ritual released four tracks prior to this EP over the course of time and they were all awesome. DO listen to these songs (Hum Hum, Toxins, Game, Moonlight). All of these songs are saved on my phone and they get regular listening because guys, this brand of upbeat pop is my jam. Mating Ritual (and Pacific Air back then) knows how to dish us with so much synth pop goodness you’ll crave for again and again.

And last week, March 4, Mating Ritual dropped an EP, including the song he previously released as a teaser, I Wear Glasses. YOU GUYS. IT IS GLORIOUS, I LOVE IT. Mating Ritual told the press that this self-entitled album is about the ~mating rituals~ of this generation, with songs that encapsulates how dating is now. AND YES, YES, THE SONGS DEFINITELY DO.

Go check out this EP, please! Here’s I Wear Glasses for you!

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