I need genitalia jokes to make me love you, Sitcom*

Friend mentioned in this post recommended Mozart in the Jungle to me, a sitcom about a new conductor for the New York Symphony and an oboist who’s trying to be in the symphony. Ack, I am the worst at pitching things and summarizing them too so whatever, just google it. I was fresh from watching Silicon Valley, which this friend also recommended, along with a couple of my other friends. And as I’ve mentioned before, Silicon Valley features crude humor and THAT IS MY HUMOR, YOU GUYS. I mean, sure, I love sarcasm and dark humor and dry humor and slapstick but CRUDE HUMOR? It fuels this immature, mind-in-the-gutter tiny adult blogging in here. I AM ALL FOR THAT.

But I didn’t know that IT WAS A REQUIREMENT.

I didn’t know that crude humor was a requirement in a sitcom so I can love it.

The realization eureka-ed to me like this:

I was watching Mozart in the Jungle‘s first season and I was so not laughing. I was not even amused. But I kept on watching because I did like the plucky heroine and wanted to see her succeed. There were enough amusing characters I found interesting. Despite winning a Golden Globe for his acting in here, I thought Gael Garcia Bernal played Rodrigo as such a caricature he didn’t feel like a real person and so I didn’t connect with the character. Still, Peter Vack was in the show and while his role was miniscule, I was nothing if not loyal to actors I like in obscure shows that I love (I will forever mourn the non-renewal of I Just Want My Pants Back, an MTV sitcom back in 2011 that completely got me: music tastes, crude humor, quarter life crisis, hipsters in Brooklyn being broke and making bad decisions. It was MY show.) and I actually shipped her with Haley even if I know the show has been building up to the Rodrigo-Haley loveline (LOVELINE? What am I saying? Who am I?) for quite a time now.

I finished the first season feeling nothing. I liked it enough but I didn’t love it. Kinda like how I liked Master of None but it didn’t win me over completely.

Then I had a sobering thought that those two shows didn’t have crude humor in them. Silicon Valley (the most recent sitcom I loved) couldn’t be more green-minded if it tried (actually it could and I would be so into that) and most of the sitcoms I love are so full of genitalia and sex jokes. I started going over the sitcoms that I love and they all have it. There were exceptions of course but they have other aspects going on for them (Baby Daddy had Jean-Luc Bilodeau and a cute baby and I can never resist single fatherhood sitcoms [HELLO, Raising Hope, why didn’t you get renewed?!?!], Modern Family is so full of heart and family, The Big Bang Theory isn’t big on the sex jokes but it has them and HELLO, SCIENCE NERDS, OF COURSE I’M GONNA WATCH IT, and others I can’t come up now). But the list of sitcoms that I love with crude humor is going to be so long and easy to do: 2 Broke GirlsHow I Met Your MotherHappy Endings, basically all MTV sitcoms (Faking ItAwkwardThe InbetweenersUnderemployed, I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK), Broad City OHMYGOD BROAD CITY IT IS THE BEST, You’re the WorstBrooklyn Nine-Nine (it has it but not a lot, I guess), even Scrotal Recall has them, AND JUST A LOT, OKAY. Even shows that have been cancelled such as Breaking InPartners, gah, I love those!

I shared this realization with Sab and she just said: why are you so shocked? All the sitcoms you recommend to me have their scriptwriters’ minds in the gutter. The friend I mentioned earlier judged me. And two other friends as well.

But you know what? I AM OWNING IT. While in Japan, I saw this film called Hentai Kamen and ohmygod, it just might be the funniest and most ridiculous thing I’ve ever watched. I mean, a superhero who dons panties as his mask and gets his power because of it? SIGN ME UP ANY DAY EVERY DAY. Why am I even so shocked about this attribute of mine? I am immature and a ten year-old at heart so yeah, so what?

So yes, send me recs for shows but bear in mind this specification of mine.

*I did end up loving Mozart in the Jungle by its second season. Rodrigo stopped being a caricature to me and thus, I connected with him. I liked the episodes and the seasonal arc and each of the characters plot. And I realized by then that I started caring for the characters, which means I love them, and which means I love the show. It’s now part of the list of exceptions to this hard fast rule of mine and I’m excited for the third season.

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