penn badgley y so sexy | Centerfold (2016) by MOTHXR

So since Monday until Wednesday, all I listened to was MOTHXR’s first and newly released album, Centerfold. (Why only until Wednesday? Because Drowners dropped Cruel Ways and at this point, Drowners >>>>>> MOTHXR in my fandom levels.)

Is it true that MOTHXR is the band whose vocalist is Penn Badgley AKA Gossip Girl‘s Lonely Boy AKA Gossip Girl‘s Dan Humphrey? Yes.

Is it true that you discovered MOTHXR because it is Penn Badgley’s band? Yes.

Were you obsessed with Gossip Girl before and thus, Penn Badgley as well? No.

But are you attracted to Penn Badgley? Before, not really. Now, DUH.

Do you only like MOTHXR because it’s Penn Badgley’s band? No.

While MOTHXR came into my radar because it’s Penn Badgley’s band, it actually won me over with their track Easy. I was so ready to discount MOTHXR but I actually dug Easy. I even shared it to my ~hipster~ friends who liked it as well. Then, apparently, they released three more songs, which I was not aware of since I didn’t actually follow the band yet. Only when the full album dropped last February 26 (and I didn’t even know until three days after) did they come to mind again. AND IT WAS A GLORIOUS DAY FOR MY EARS.

But first, here’s Easy.


And now that I’ve listened to the whole album, I now have a feel for what MOTHXR’s sound is really like. The 80s influence is very apparent and I think it’s pretty cheeky of them to have that album art because it already screams 80s! My initial impression about the tracks was that they all had ~chill~ beats, which compliments Penn’s deep voice. But as I listened to it more and more, I also noticed how Penn manages to hit his falsettos too and how, while all the tracks initially sound alike given the beat, every track has something different going on for it.

Impossible is a great opener because if I didn’t like this one, I would have skipped this whole album altogether. So, props to that. The other tracks that made a mark to me right away were CenterfoldTouch, and Victim (SAXOPHONE, YOU GUYS). But the more I listen, the more I appreciate every track. I’m already on my Stranger and Underground phase as this is posted.

MOTHXR’s music sounds so sexyyyyyy. I’ve heard Easy a long time ago but I didn’t expect the whole album to be THIS sexy. Or I think the more appropriate description is drowsily sexy.

Go take a listen to MOTHXR’s debut album Centerfold!

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