How could you say a thing like that?


I’ve been so agitated yesterday because they were scheduled to drop a new song on March 2 and I couldn’t be online the whole day to wait for it.


It’s quite exciting though that Cruel Ways is clocking in at three minutes twenty-four seconds since their previous and first self-titled album had short tracks. As in, only one song clocked in more than three minutes and most songs are even below 2.5 minutes. So I’m definitely curious if Drowners has longer tracks on their second album.

OH, their second album is entitled ON DESIRE and it’s due to be out this June 24. MUCH EXCITE I CANNOT CONTAIN (and that title SHOULD I EXPECT SEXY THINGS????)

At first listen, I immediately liked it and now I’m on my way to loving it. Although I might just be in denial that I already love it since it has been on repeat since it dropped. GAH Drowners hihihi love their songs! Here’s a 15-minute live performance of Drowners on their first show ever back in 2012 (and they’re already so great, damn). ENJOY!

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