So we’ll piss off the neighbours

I tried to resist but there’s no denying it: I’m into this song now.

At first listen, I was like, WTF.

Then I kept hearing it on the radio. And every time I hear it, I’d go: I THINK I LIKE THIS SONG. Then I realize it’s Pillowtalk and I berate myself for it because I’ve already established that I didn’t like it. But I still mumble-sing along with it.

Yesterday, my officemate kept on singing an acoustic rendition of Pillowtalk with his guitar and I couldn’t deny it anymore that the song sounded great. (And my colleague has seriously yo-panties-gonna-get-wet mad singing voice and talent so maybe that didn’t help too.) So I tried listening to the song without the music video and VOILA, loved it. SO IT WAS THE MUSIC VIDEO ALL ALONG THAT MADE ME WTF ON IT. HAHAHAHUHUHU

So now, here I go, having it on repeat. Penance, I guess, for resisting it. Who am I kidding, it’s not penance if I’m enjoying myself.

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