Hello hello | Beach by San Cisco (Ukelele Cover)


Posting my first ukelele cover! It’s far from perfect (and I could have done better, I swear [NAH, I’m no better]) and you could even hear motorcycles rumbling in the background. I also blanked during the last verse of the song and that darn E chord won’t let me have it. I guess being in front of the camera made me extra nervous and faulty? Also, I’m not sure if my strumming pattern is correct but it’s my default strumming pattern for any 4/4 beat HAHAHA Anyway, I don’t have a great voice but I don’t care I love to sing and play my uke MWAHAHAHA

Also, don’t mind my room. It was once a storage room (still is) and I have to paint it but whatever, I don’t have time HAHAHA #akaimjusttoolazy

P.S. I’m wearing my Louis Tomlinson shirt hihihi

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