Tip-to-Tip Efficiency | Silicon Valley

My new favorite sitcom and basically what saved me from feeling down last January. Silicon Valley came recommended to me by people whose opinions I value (heh) so I immediately watched it and I never looked back! I’ve recommended it to a lot of people since then and they’ve been loving it too. I mean, duh, what’s not to love?

We have Jared bb 4eva Richard who strikes gold with his compression algorithm and it all started there for his app and start-up company, Pied Piper. Along with his friends/employees, they trudge along Silicon Valley trying to stay afloat and launch Pied Piper, battling (battling? What now, do we have swords?) with competitors and ALL KINDS OF CONFLICTS.

But seriously, Jared is the best thing about SILICON VALLEY. He’s my favorite character and just, I LOVE HIM.

The second season wasn’t as laugh-out-loud funny as the first season in my opinion because they’ve been dealing with real shit and the season was spent mostly in Conflict and even if they’ve had Triumphs, they were short-lived. But still, the joy those triumphs gave me.

Please please watch Silicon Valley! The finale to the first season is now in my sitcom episode Hall of Fame.

P.S. I love crude humor and if you do, coupled with nerdy humor, THIS IS IT.

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