Wanna feel that stream of dopamine | Dopamine (2015) by BØRNS

So I haven’t listened to any other song since yesterday aside from the songs in Dopamine, the debut album of BØRNS. Seriously. I’m not even exaggerating about that. This album has been on repeat and rightfully so because every single track is an earworm!

I mean, the level of my obsession is that I’m even learning to play the songs with my ukelele. TO THAT EXTENT. I’m not content with singing them. I have to play them. I’ve been watching live performances on Youtube too. THIS IS AN OBSESSION and it totally deserves my obsession and this post and all the promo it could get because AAAAAAAAAAAAAA indie pop goodnesssssssss.

And it’s Garrett’s birthday today! I know, it feels like my subconscious likes to listen to artists during their birthdays. (See Alex Turner yesterday.)

Admittedly, at first I was confused. I thought BØRNS was a female HAHAHA and I didn’t know if I liked Garrett’s falsetto but gah, the music was SO GOOD AND CATCHY that in the end, I didn’t care and now I love his voice! (I’m usually more into the deeper voices and lower registers.) Plus, honestly, I think it might be that I actually wanna drink Tennessee honey that I got obsessed with American Money (since I’ve already heard Electric Love before and liked it but didn’t reach fangirl levels). HAHAHA #drunkard

Anyway, please do listen to BØRNS! My favorite tracks (AS OF NOW BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I’LL CYCLE ALL THROUGH THEM) are 10,000 Emerald Pools, Electric Love, American Money, and Dopamine. I can already play American Money and 10,000 Emerald Pools on my ukelele so YAY!

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