Contempt prior to investigation


I watched Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012) again a couple of nights ago because:

1) I love Rashida Jones.
2) I love Andy Samberg.
3) I love Chris Messina.
4) I love Emma Roberts.

So, duh, right? If asked whether I want to watch that movie, the answer is always gonna be a resounding yes. And what is better than watching an amazing couple break up? Nothing, folks. (I’m completely kidding. I watch this PRIMARILY for Chris Messina, yo. Can’t get enough of Chris Messina!!!!)

Back to the title of my post. There’s this bit in the movie where Riley (Emma Roberts) call out Celeste (Rashida Jones) on her personality flaw, which is contempt prior to investigation. How Celeste thinks she’s smarter and so above everyone and how she hates everyone who she thinks is stupid (so basically everyone). It was after Celeste was surprised that Riley knew things about art whilst being a pop star.

And it got me thinking that I have this personality flaw too. Not the I-think-everyone-is-stupid-because-I-am-so-smart but more of the actual direct meaning of CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION. I quickly judge/form a lasting impression (privately!) and I hate on people easily. Hate is such a strong word. Dismiss? Yeah, I dismiss people easily without ever trying to get to know them. But then I really don’t want to get to know people because selectively social, yo!

So what is the point of this post? I was planning on saying that I have to change and be kind and all that but WHO AM I KIDDING? I just have so much hate to give. I need an outlet and it’s not like I’m picking fights with people or spreading nasty rumors about them.

Yeah, the point is I’m mean. That I have a blackened, dead heart when people think I’m so nice and all that. Haha!

Or maybe that subconsciously I do think I’m so much smarter than others?!?!?! Why else am I so judgmental?!?!?!?!?!

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