My virology class is on the road to turning me into a germophobe

Ignorance is bliss, they say. IT IS WHEN IT’S ABOUT VIRUSES.

Good lord, I’ve never been a hypochondriac which has been surprising given how paranoid I am. Like I tell everyone, if I’m the star in Inside Out, Fear would be the one governing my brain. I have my “hypochondriac moments”, especially that time I panicked if I had impacted wisdom teeth because I thought my teeth were moving like my best friend’s only for the dentist to tell me that my wisdom teeth aren’t even completely out. FAIL.

Or that time I thought my pimple was already forming a keloid. Which of course, wasn’t the case.

But almost three months into my virology class and I go MOVE AWAY PEOPLE every time someone sneezes or coughs. Case in point, I usually find babies cute. Even sick babies. But as I was walking at the mall a few days ago, this cute baby sneezed and I nearly jumped away. I definitely moved my head away even though I know that DROPLETS ARE PROJECTED VERY FAST AND MOVING MY HEAD AWAY IS FUTILE.


I get scared now of getting sick when I’ve never been like this.

I guess when you know exactly how these viruses work, it’s hard not to think about it when you see someone sneezing or coughing or wearing a face mask. PSA: FACE MASKS DON’T WORK, YOU GUYS. The common ones. It just gives people a false sense of security. FACE MASKS LIE, YOU GUYS.

Haha! What is even my point with this post?

Soooooooooooo, I dunno if this germophobe status of mine will stay or will just end when this semester ends. It’d probably end because I live my life in phases. But for now, MOVE AWAY FROM ME, SICK PEOPLE. MOVE AWAY.

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