Baby, I’m perfect for you~


This was how my Desktop looked last night before I went home from work at 10:30 PM. The loop only started when I got to work at 12NN. Before going to work, I ended up with 23 repeats before I finally mustered the willpower to finally be a responsible employee and go to work. My boss also caught me watching the music video so if I get fired soon, we know why.

It’s because of One Direction’s Perfect music video. Made by Dawn Lanuza (some said by yours truly), here’s basically what happened yesterday when 1D dropped Perfect and the world collectively went gaga.

imageimageimageReasons why I love it so so much:

1. Louis!!! Yesterday felt like Louis Appreciation Day and I’M SO HAPPY. Bb gets to shine!
2. The very obvious Taylor Swift nods in the song and in the music video. (I don’t care about TSwift *hides from bricks* but I care about HAYLOR.)
3. LARRY FOREVER but I do love Louis x Liam.
4. Niall, you sensitive soul who loves to play golf.
5. Black and white!

If you haven’t seen it (WHY THE HELL NOT?), here it is!

gtg rewatching again

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