What’s wrong with being confident?

Demi Lovato just dropped her latest album CONFIDENT and I love it because of course, I love everything by Demi. CONFIDENT is her second single off the album and it’s such an earworm! I can’t stop singing the hook with all the snaps even though I can’t snap! I know, I am a step less evolved from normal ~humans~. So I just try snapping along even if I don’t actually produce a sound.

And not only is it so catchy, its message is just so empowering and SO DEMI. Like, eff you all, I’m badass. Gah, Demi you slaaaaaaaaayyyy.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there because the music video stars Latinos and Latinas and even the production team behind it is also composed of Latinas and Latinos. And good lord, the females in this video aren’t just strutting sensually and sexily but they’re badasses who kick asses. CONFIDENT, INDEED.

You go Demi, you empowering girl. LOVE YA.

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