Oh, I made a new blog… AGAIN.


I might have a problem in that I couldn’t seem to stop making a new blog every three years or so. The last blog I made is now three years old a few days ago. It’s my book blog, where I review mostly young adult books. The one before that was made in 2008 during lunch at my high school library. It was solely made for the purposes of fangirling about Japanese and Korean TV series and shows and actors, which turned into nothing as I stopped updating it when I moved on from that phase by 2013. In 2006, I had my very first OWN blog written in my native tongue I stopped updating by 2010. Prior to that, my group of friends had a blog we collectively updated. Fan blogs and Tumblrs are not included in this history because while I own those blogs, I don’t exactly blog about MY life in them. Or my interests. They’re pretty specific. And now they’re almost dead for two years.

What is with me and making a blog every now and then? Admittedly, I sound so pensive right now and I feel pretty pensive for someone who’s still awake at 2:42 AM and who has spent around $15 in setting up this blog. I’ve been thinking about making this blog for a few days now because my book blog doesn’t provide the outlet I so crave. I wanna talk about ANYTHING and I couldn’t do that in there. I could possibly do that in my other blogs but I felt like I needed a new start. SO HERE IT IS. Whew!

Wow, I sound so psyched about this. I am psyched about all this but at 2:44 AM, my mind tends to think about sad things and maybe I’m in a midlife crisis but I refuse to think that because I don’t wanna die at 42. AND THIS HAS TAKEN A DARK ROUTE ALREADY.

It’s just that, I finally want to BE the kind of blogger I admire. To write about things I wanna read. Even if no one’s gonna read it. I NEED AN OUTLET, YOU GUYS. I need somewhere where I can post TV show recaps and reviews too because I absolutely want to do that. I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I was in high school (well, I wanted to do that for Kor/Jap shows back then BUT STILL). I need somewhere where I can share songs I love and talk about my newfound love for Justin Bieber. Where I can share about that obscure song I recently discovered. Or that Polish film I absolutely adored.

Lastly, I feel like I’m finally transitioning into adulthood. I still don’t feel like an actual adult and in fact, there are only two instances when I feel like an adult. One is when I think and worry about and pay the bills and one is when I do my taxes. That’s it. But now that my work’s ending in a year and I’m planning on taking up grad school abroad, my mind has just so many tabs open about ~THE FUTURE~ that I feel this looming cloud of doom called adulthood coming. WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN. Haha! But seriously. So this is like, hey, adult Dianne in here.

And I promise to be more fun in my next posts or at least inject some of my effervescence and wittiness in my next posts but just give this one to me.

So, if you read this, welcome to my new blog! That I will try to keep updated because I paid for it. Ha!

P.S. That gif is so overly dramatic but I can’t help it! I just watched some episodes of Freaks and Geeks on a Sunday night as you do if you’re remotely like me.

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