Apparently, .xyz sounds shady.


So I made my blog last night, right? Well, it was past midnight so it might be more accurate to say that I made it today. Specifically, I made it past 2AM. And you know what they say about decisions made past 2AM…

I really wanted my domain name to be DAYAN as I went by this nickname back in high school. It’s how you’d spell DIANNE if you spell it like how it sounds. But when I went to search for domain names, was taken, which I pretty much expected. So I only had three options: .xyz or .space or .website. Three options that I could actually afford. .xyz sounded shady but the other two were boring.

I texted human-I-treat-as-a-soundboard Sab about this Shady Dilemma and of course, being it past 2AM, she didn’t reply. Fuck it, I said. I’m buying I’d own this shadiness *snap snap*, I thought.

Checking my phone at 6AM, Sab confirmed for me that .xyz sounded shady and ~hipster~. I’d take hipster, that’s a compliment for me. (I try so hard to be cool, it’s unhealthy.) But I was still worrying about the shadiness of it all. Eh, it’s a done deal and surprisingly, even though apparently it did sound shady, I liked .xyz. You don’t see domain names like mine constantly.

So while my blog URL sounds shady, I’m super happy about it!

Still, do you think sounds shady? *eternal need to be placated and validated*


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