Review: Mania by J.R. Johansson

Mania (The Night Walkers, #3)

Title: Mania (The Night Walkers #3)
Author: J.R. Johansson
Publisher: Flux
Date of Publication: July 8, 2015
Jack and his half-brother Parker have no time to mourn the loss of their father, Daniel Chipp. With an attack by the body-stealing Takers imminent, the pair must put aside their grief and track down the ingredients of Daniel’s formula—one that will rein in the power-hungry Takers—to keep their family and friends out of danger.
Their only hope lies in a puzzle their father left behind, a riddle where each brother unknowingly possesses a piece of the solution. The puzzle sets them on a deadly path, spiraling between reality and the world of dreams where nothing and no one can be trusted entirely. And when Parker finds himself deep in the fray between the Takers and the other Night Walkers, it’s up to Jack to complete the formula and save his brother’s life.
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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Thank you to Flux and NetGalley for the review copy! Receiving one did not affect my views of the novel. Don’t proceed if you haven’t read the first two books!

And everything ends. But don’t fear, fellow fans, J.R. Johansson’s The Night Walkers series goes out with a bang! The series started out as a duology, but Jenn found that there was so much story to tell. That’s because she made such an astounding storyworld where there are night walkers, who get to take over people or their dreams. When I learned that the third book will be in Jack’s perspective, I got so excited because FINALLY, more answers! Paranoia washed away my craving for more information on the night walkers but I didn’t realize that I still wanted more. (Which should have been obvious to me because I’m greedy like that.) Jack had the answers in Paranoia and I was so excited to find out more MORE MOAR.

But Jenn did something even more awesome. Not only do we get Jack’s perspective, we got his AND Parker’s. Which was glorious! This was a dual POV book and excuse me while I do my victory dance. Jack is closed off and secretive and it was nice to finally know what he’s thinking. I love the dual POV too because we get to see the two brothers side-by-side and how they just want to help and protect the other one. Even if they didn’t grow up together, it was heartwarming to see them caring for each other more and more as the story progressed.

Anyway, I couldn’t really delve on the plot of Mania but as usual and as expected of the series, the stakes are high and the danger is just a hair’s width away. Oh, I should correct that, danger was always there. Seriously. There were explosions, bullets, deaths, knives, hostages, torture, EVERYTHING. I mean, COME ON, didn’t that just make you tingle all over?

As for the characters, Finn, I missed you, your humor, and your shirts! Since Jack tells more than half of the narrative, we get to spend more time with him and thus, know him better this time and I thank Jenn Johansson for that. In my review of Paranoia, I mentioned that I didn’t connect with Jack as much as I wanted to. Now, I can rescind that because oh, Jack, I adore you. You might decorate yourself with spines to push people away but you’re just a big ole softie too. Getting to know more about Chloe too and how she’s such a large part in this installment’s story were such a nice surprise. Libby, Jack’s best friend and Builder, joins our team as well to finally create the drug Daniel Chipp has concocted. This “simple” task is infinitely harder because first, Jack and Parker have to get clues and solve the puzzle their dad left for them to get the ingredients. This includes taking over people’s bodies and watching dreams, as you normally do. FUN TIMES.

Gah, I’m just a sucker for Jenn Johansson’s tight storytelling. She got two concurrent story arcs working side-by-side, Jack trying to create the drug in exchange for Parker, who’s being hostaged by Chloe’s brother Cooper, and Parker just trying to be alive. Oh, and dealing with Darkness too. And trying to resist Cooper, who turns him into a lab rat, testing out drugs on him that might change him to a Taker from a Watcher. Cooper is CRAY. And SCARY. AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

I guess I just wish Addie and Mia were a bit more present in here. I guess it was made up by the Chloe-Jack romance though, which I liked. Jack finds it so hard to trust Chloe but I like Chloe. I think writing romance isn’t the author’s strongest suit but then, I didn’t come to this series for the romance. It was nice but I’m all the way here because of The Danger, The Thrill, and The Story.

All in all, Mania was a wonderful, gripping, and exciting end to such a fantastic series. If you haven’t read this series, YOU MUST START NOW. It’s engaging, cool and unique. People taking over people or watching their dreams? People building dreams for others to rest on? With all the thrill and danger you could put into it? It’s practically a crime how The Night Walkers trilogy is so underrated. J.R. Johansson knows how to up the ante, pull you into the web of her story’s world, and care for her characters. Wait, she doesn’t just know, she’s got it mastered. I will ALWAYS read a novel by J.R. Johansson because she’s sure as heck a storyteller.


  1. The book intrigued me because it was dreams and all. My weirdest ones were the ones where everybody seemed to love me. But nevertheless, this giveaway is so cool!



  2. Hello. The weirdest dream I had was one in which I had to escape through the city from a giant monster that kept trying to eat me.
    What interests me the most about this series is Mania… I HAVE to know how this story ends.
    Thanks for the giveaway.



  3. Okay. The weirdest dream that I ever had cannot be publicly announced since it's rated SPG. I'm sorry 😦 HAHAHAHA! But I'm intrigued with this series since it involves dreams and going into other people's dreams!!! GOSH it sounds good! 🙂



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