Playlist: For rainy summer days and hot rainy days~

So in all honesty, I’m just too lazy to write my #LeighBardugoinPH recap yet. I only slept for 3 hours because WE GOT NO ELECTRICITY in da hood, yo. Obviously, I am very bleary-eyed and I am not accountable for anything I say. Plus, dudes, I freakin’ met and talked to and sang Britney Spears to Leigh Bardugo yesterday and it has been surreal and I am still not over it. I can’t believe it happened! And now it’s Monday and I am here in the office bored out of my wits.

With that, I’m sharing this short playlist I made last week! I don’t even know why that’s the title of the playlist because my plan was just to make a playlist of upbeat songs sang by female vocalists. Not everything are dance-y upbeat though, just, all songs in here are feel-good. I guess that’s the title because last Friday was an uncategorizable day. I don’t know if it was a rainy summer day or just a damn hot rainy day. And I was yearning for some upbeat songs and HERE IT IS!

Hope you enjoy this one-hour mix!

In other news, keep an eye out for my #LeighBardugo recap this week!


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