Under the Radar Friday (1): Lisa of Lost in Literature on New Adult Books + Giveaway!

Under the Radar Friday is a weekly blog feature here at Oops! I Read A Book Again where I invite a person to share five books they think are under the radar. The goal is to promote books we utterly love but are unjustly unpopular. Here’s an avenue to pimp them out! To learn more about this feature, click here.

Today is the first ever Under the Radar Friday and I am *so* thrilled to start the recommending and the squeeing! To start UTRF with a bang, I have a book blogger I look up to and whose recommendations I always listen to. Let’s all welcome… LISA OF LOST IN LITERATURE!

First, let’s get to know our guest of honor for today’s UTRF with a quickfire interview!

A book (or five) you’d want with you if you’re alone stuck in an island?

The Harry Potter series.  Though I haven’t completed the series yet (*gasp* I KNOW!!) I plan to this year.  I have a feeling this is a series I could read over, and over… and over again.  

Favorite book (or let’s be real, bookS)?

No, I refuse to answer this.  Not a chance!

Okay… I’ve given it some thought and I’m ready to answer it now.  😉  I’ll stick with books that I could read over and over again, since picking a favorite is always hard for me.  I’ll go with the Anna and the French Kiss series.

Favorite fictional couple/ship?

Lola and Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins)

#1 book boyfriend?

Ben (Five Ways to Fall by KA Tucker)

Favorite pizza topping?

Eggplant – so yum!

Celebrity crush?

Dane Cook That guy is HILARIOUS!!  And easy on the eyes.  😉

Most favorite trope (a.k.a. I will like this book because it has my weakness)?

Best friends to more relationships. I’m a HUGE sucker for childhood friends that grow into something more.  It gets my every time.


Now that you have an idea on what books Lisa loves, let’s hear her picks for books that need more pimping! Lisa initially wanted to share five contemporary YA novels but she ended up doing NA and she’ll tell you why. Take it away, Lisa!


So as I started working on this, I realized that there are so many NA books that I just love, but that others have decided not to read merely because of the NA label.  (NA has received a bad rap in the recent past, for some reason)  So here are the 5 NA books/series that I think deserve more attention than they are getting.  🙂
Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1)
Reason to Breathe (Breathing Series) by Rebecca Donovan
This series I recently marathoned straight through on audio.  It was fantastic!  It had extremely realistic.  Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  These stories had love and friendship, mixed with heartache, pain, and even death.  These books are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.
Best Kind of Broken (Finding Fate, #1)
Best Kind of Broken (Finding Fate Series) by Chelsea Fine
This series of books remains on my top 5 list of very favorite series.  They are companion novels, all involving a wonderful group of characters that you’re sure to fall in love.  They don’t really need to all be read in order, but if you do read them in order you will enjoy the little cameo appearances of characters from prior books.  This is a fun, heartwarming, and emotional at times, group of books that every NA reader should check out.
Burying Water (Burying Water, #1)
Burying Water (Burying Water Series) by KA Tucker
KA Tucker is most known for her insanely popular series, Ten Tiny Breaths.  And trust me, I totally join in on this fandom.  The Ten Tiny Breaths series is probably my very favorite series EVER!  But this new book by KA Tucker hasn’t gotten the attention I feel it deserves.  Though it’s categorized as NA, it’s has much more of an adult romantic suspense novel, in my opinion.  It’s action-packed and sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as full of swoony romantic scenes that will leave you blushing.  A new series by an amazing author that shouldn’t be missed!
A Little Too Far (A Little Too Far, #1)
A Little Too Far (A Little Too Far Series) by Lisa Desrochers
I read A Little Too Far as part of a blog tour a couple of years ago.  The cover caught my attention and I thought, ehh, why not?  Well, guys, this book was amazeballs!  I was completely drawn to the story and zipped through it so fast.  I think some are hesitant because the hint at a love triangle in the synopsis.  And I guess you would say there is one.  But I didn’t mind it one bit!  It was perfect.  I think many other NA fans would enjoy this book, and entire series, if they give it a chance.
Boomerang (Boomerang, #1)
Boomerang (Boomerang Series) by Noelle August
Ahhh.  This book was such a breath of fresh air in the NA genre.  It was unlike any other NA book I’ve ever read.  It was cute, it was addicting, and it was so much fun!  Another book that has scared people away simply because of the NA categorization.  Ignore that you think it’s an NA, and just go into it expecting an entertaining read, and I’m sure you’ll be as satisfied with it as I was.
These are all books that I rated 5 stars, and books that I think more people should read. Talented authors are far too often overlooked in such a vast community. I’m always looking for recommendations myself, so I’m sure others are looking for recs as well.  These are my top five “under the radar” books in the NA genre that I feel deserve more attention.


Thank you so much, Lisa! Let’s all give Lisa hugs and cookies and cake for her wonderful recs! Don’t forget to check out (and follow!) Lisa’s blog Lost in Literature. You can (and should) follow her too on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Lisa just recommended amazing New Adult books to try. Now, I’m providing a way for you to read it ASAP. I have awesome prizes to kick off the first ever Under the Radar Friday post!

Open worldwide:

One (1) winner of a SIGNED copy of REASON TO BREATHE by Rebecca Donovan
One (1) winner of a paperback of BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine
One (1) winner of a paperback of BURYING WATER by K.A. Tucker
One (1) winner of a paperback of BOOMERANG and an ARC of REBOUND by Noelle August

Open to US residents only:

One (1) winner of a paperback of BOOMERANG

Thank you to Rebecca Donovan, Emily Lalone, Chelsea Fine, K.A. Tucker, Kelly Simmon, Lorin Oberweger, and Megan Schumann for all these prizes!

Good luck with the giveaway! *very envious host in here*


Do you want to be a part of Under the Radar Friday? Fill up this form so I can contact you and we can start talking and producing high-pitched sounds of rec-ing glee!

Feel free to use the hashtag #UnderTheRadarFriday so we can discuss and chat. Come back next Friday for more book shoving and pimping!



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