We Were Evergreen – Tambourine Like A Crown Lyrics

she cast heself to sea, cause she couldn’t use her wings
I was drowning in a cup of tea, waiting for the spring
winter rapes you white and clean, leaves you quiet and lean
with a sense of being in between, my fingers hit the wrong key

I climbed upon the highest mount and
wondered how to fly down
it was too much work for me
somewhere bells are ringing and
lonely mothers thinking
how could they do this to me?

but in the sun we were one and all
in the sun we were halfway grown
in te sun with our memory almost full

it was mentioned in the news
the halls are decked with shoes
that nobody dares to take and move
all mighty and all bruised

there’s a rustle in the shallow end
the buyers stop to listen
there is light up by the trees
o glorious day, the license plate was marked “all is forgiven”
just in time for the feast

as they were dancing in the parlour
I couldn’t help but to recall her
the girl who flew herself to sea
I wondered for a second all the things she had imagined
what she would’ve liked to be

(I wear my tambourine like a crown of light through the night)

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet

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