We Were Evergreen – Overnight Lyrics

I’ll wrap my talons round your head
so I am always on your mind
and make a nest out of your hair
you’ll never wear me out of style

I wanna lead ourselves astray
we’ll never tell ourselves apart
you might have cast me by mistake
but I still go the part, still got the part

was it overnight, crawled up inside
overnight, caught by surprise
overnight, seconds apart
overnight, right from the start

I’m gonna make you feel alive
more than you ever did before
so that you never realize
nobody knows you anymore

your heart is mine to chew away
I’m gonna take you out in style
it’s nearly over anyway
do you really want to be fine, want to be fine?

never tell us apart, they can never tell us apart
never tell us apart, they won’t tell us apart

I’ll wrap my head around your knees
so I am always in your stride
I’ll be your number one disease
You won’t detect me in time, take me in time
overnight overnight overnight overnight

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet

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