We Were Evergreen – Daughters Lyrics

I slept like a village and woke up inside you,
the years had all vanished
and swallowed up the dark
somebody had finished the book I was writing
the ending was wrong
it just went back to the start

a carpet of women all rippled with silence
to cover me with the remainders from the floor
the lake wanted swimming
I melted inside it, and sank to the limits
I’d been there once before

daughters fill this up
(we’re not gonna make it)
(we won’t make it in time)

and 49 daughters cut 49 heads off
they clog up the bottom
and here they’re floating still
one hole to another, an intricate circuit
the more you sieve out and
the more you have to fill

the barrel is leaking, the water’s a-seeping
the boulder’s a-weighing
it’s all uphill from now
we have to ignore this and fly to the surface
it’s too high above us
we won’t make it in time

*I personally transcribed this from the CD booklet.

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