We Were Evergreen – False Start Lyrics

gun was shot after I was already up
the rule is clear it’s a false start, a false start
two men drop, one to the bottom and one to the top
we got ourselves in a cold war, a cold war

bird in hand, friend of a feather, the muscle plan
didn’t work out like I thought it would
eyes ahead, keep on rippling through the sand
once I stop it’s over, it’s over

in the fast track i’m a ticking bomb
minor setback, but I’ve gone too far
I can make it, just a few more yards
I’m not failing, yeah I’m almost done

can’t believe what just happened, it wasn’t me
I know better than losing like this
clear my head, nobody saw it, I’m up ahead
this is between the footmarks and me

4 long yeats, I’ve been waiting to conquer this
to spoil it up with a point one, a point one
I can’t let, let my people down, not again
not after that last headline, that headline

on the podium, I’m the golden man
in the columns, in the paper stands
what’s my record, it’s always the same
never beaten, yeah I own this game
yeah I own this game

*I personally transcribed it from the CD booklet


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