We are getting back together!!!11


Yup! Keep calm ’cause whoopeeyoo and I are getting back together! Yes, you read that right, I’m back! After more than 1.5 years of not constantly blogging in my original home, I’m back. Seriously, whatever happened to me, right?

October 2012: I made a book blog.

January to March 2013: I didn’t have a stable Internet access so naturally, all Internet-related hobbies were not fed. No KDramas, no blogging, no anything. I also started reading a lot. I was also doing my thesis and being a one-hobby-at-a-time kind of a person, all my free time went to reading. And book blogging. I dropped watching The Vampire Diaries altogether (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN????) and all other shows. In the end, I only kept Suits and Baby Daddy.

April 2013 to April 2014: I was up to my neck with my blog. All my free time went to reading and blogging. It has been really really fun. I met lots of new people, some who I talk to EVERY DAY now. (Hullo, Sab, Charlie and Nina.) Yeap. THAT fun.

Until it wasn’t…

April 2014: Known as the massive reviewing slump. I’ve been reading but I just can’t review anything… It was also my Ansel Elgort fandom (more like obsession) peak.

May 2014: Extended reviewing slump. Dane DeHaan phase.

June 2014: I got back into watching films and I realized I miss it all. Movies, TV shows, all forms of visual media I have been not watching since I focused on reading.

July 2014 – present: Orphan Black marathon + more movies + reading slump. I just didn’t want to read anything I have for review and it ended up with me not reading at all. All my blogging existential woes also surfaced. I felt like my blog is so common, I mean, my reviews all sound the same by now. I was yearning for an outlet to my newfound gusto with movies and TV shows and music. Music! I’ve been listening to tons of great stuff and I had nowhere to share it except to Charlie and Nina. That’s a shame. Music must be shared to everyone. I felt like I needed an outlet for my personal stuff because I don’t really blog about MYSELF on my book blog. Hence…


I really miss talking to the ether about songs I love, movies I watched and just generally talking about all the things I fancy. That’s what this blog is all about, anything and everything I fancy. So, yes, I am back in here and I have tons of things I want to say. Tons of music to share and lots of rants and ramblings about TV shows and movies.

I know I lost most of my readers and that my readers are actually into my Korean-related posts and TVD posts. However, my Asian phase is over so I’ll just be talking about anything I want aka Dane DeHaan, Ansel Elgort, Suits, DYLAN FUCKING BRUCE, and pretty much every yummy guy out there. Wow, I really needed this.

So if you’re aboard this train, then you are! Let’s try to have some fun! And rant, of course. Definitely rants. 🙂

*Photo edited from source

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