Book Spine Poetry Sunday (1)

So welcome to a new feature of mine! Every other Sunday, I will be posting book spine poems because I love poems and I love books and I thought book spine poetry is awesome. Thank you to Charlie of Letter Trails for the feature photo!

This is my debut book spine poem! I know, I need to practice, which is one of the reasons why I started this blog feature as well. I have a lot of WIPs and I hope I can finish them soon (and make longer poems too). Moreover, I need better photography skillz. Without further ado, ta-da!

One Day
Just One Day
Between Here and Forever
You Are Here
Til Death

Please don’t brick me! Do tell me how to improve! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can follow me on Instagram at oopsireadabookagain for more bookish photos (with low resolution and bad lighting HAHA)!

Want to change some titles on my poem? Go comment your own version below! Just have at least one of those books in yours. Looking forward to seeing them! (Provided someone comments. Haha!)


  1. I was about to end the poem at FATED but then I saw TIL DEATH and added it. That last title gave all the poignancy this poem has. Thanks for dropping by, Kevin!



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