#DianneTurns20: 20 Random Facts About Me + Giveaway





In the spirit of getting to know me (I’m sorry but it’s my day and it’s all about me today HAHAHA), I’m sharing 20 random facts about myself! Ten of those would be bookish and ten of those would be totally random. So here goes…

Ten Bookish Confessions

1. I don’t use bookmarks. Gasp! How do you mark where you’ve paused while reading? That’s it! I just take note of the page number. I know, I sometimes forget but I have this notion that I’ll break the spine of the book or damage it (those icky lines!) if I use a bookmark. That I’ll somehow loosen up its binding because of the bookmark. Don’t ask me why I think this way. Who’s the same as me? Anyone? Anyone? What do you do with all the swag you get then? Yes, about that…

2. I have a swag box. Everything, from bookmarks, stickers and every swag I get, goes into the swag box that I lovingly stare at at least once a week. Am I a total weirdo?

3. I don’t have a shelf. HUWAAAAAAAATTTT??? Yes, I don’t have a shelf. I do have one but it houses my textbooks and the totally boring books I own (Nope, Calculus, I never said you’re boring! Oh, in my blog? That was just a joke.) so my fictionzz are everywhere. In carton boxes, in plastic boxes, in my bed, in my “study table”, in the sofa of our house, my books are everywhere! I’m working on buying one soon so wish me luck!

4. I don’t care about my books not being matchy-matchy. I know, how non-OCD of me. I cringe at spines broken but I couldn’t care less about covers not matching? Blame it to my love for secondhand books and buying at book sales and being a cheapskate but as long as I own the book, I don’t care if the covers/sizes/versions don’t match. I do appreciate it when they match though. (I have a signed hardcover of  the US version of THE FORSAKEN by Lisa Stasse and I have a paperback of the UK version of the sequel, THE UPRISING. Yes, smack me hard in the head.]

5. With that out of the way, I love shopping at secondhand bookstores. Cheap! And the sheer joy of finding books you’ve been pining for for so long right there. It is a gold mine. Just check out my StS posts. Hee!

6. I prefer paperbacks over everything. Not much a fan of hardcover. Yes, I know, they are PRETTY but my misplaced OCD hates when the cover gets rumpled/folded and when the plain hard cover gets dirty. Plus, paperbacks are waaay lighter than hardcovers and I commute.

7. I named my Kindle ADRIEN after THIS GUY. He’s French and he’s the boyfriend of one of my girl crushes so yeah. The time I got my Kindle was my Adrien phase so at the time, I couldn’t think of any other name. And yes, I do name things dear to me!

8. I’m a Sarah Dessen virgin. *hides my blogger card and cred* I own two of her books and I promise I will read it soon! Someone please force me to read them soon!

9. David Levithan is my favorite author. EVER.

10. I would have never blogged if I didn’t get “Oops! I Read A Book Again”. Seriously. I was thinking of a URL for days when it hit me. I was so nervous typing it in because I wouldn’t know what to do if it was already taken. And then it was free for use and the rest was history.

And now…

Ten Random Facts About Me

1. I’m 5’1 3/4″ tall. Or should I call that short. Either way, I’m short.

2. I am deathly scared of frogs. Well, maybe not deathly scared but I am really really afraid of them.

3. I love strawberries but I HATE/DESPISE/ABHOR with every bit of my being strawberry-flavored products. They’re just so fake-tasting to me, you know?

4. I skipped a grade in preschool so I’m relatively young for my batch. And with the Philippines having just recently changed its education system to K12, I graduated young. I got my degree at 19.

5. I’ll say it once but I’m a certified nerd because I studied… Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Yeap, science nerd right here! And I’m starting my Master’s degree in four days. Haha!

6. I am nocturnal. In fact, I can’t start a book when there’s still sunlight. So I start a book at night then end up sleeping for a few hours only because I keep on reading. Same goes for studying. I can’t study if the sun is still in the sky. #excuses

7. I don’t drink tea. I don’t drink milk. But I LOVE milk tea. It is the essence of my being. Haha!

8. I’m from the Philippines! Which is +8 GMT. I will forever cry at how I can’t participate in chats and whatnots. It’s my dream to got to BEA! Someday soon!

9. I’m an expert at scaling gates, breaking and entering locked doors and I even faked an ID before! I made an ID as if I’m my aunt because she’s not available for her flight and I swooped in to have a wonderful vacation. Yeap, I can be a petty criminal. But shush, that’s just between us!

10. I immediately buy a dress/skirt if it has pockets on it. Immediately. [Granted, it’s in my size.]

So that’s it! Hope you kinda know me now. 🙂

You can also post the button for #DianneTurns20 made by the AMAZING Sab of Sab The Book Eater on your blog to support my event and it will also give you more points for the giveaways! Yeehaw!


Now for the giveaways which are all OPEN INTERNATIONALLY because it’s my birthday and everyone deserves to win a prize!

There will be twenty winners in this giveaway! Each winner will take home one prize. Thank you to the following authors and publicists who have made this rockin’ giveaway possible! Anna Banks, Elizabeth Richards, Jody Casella, Robin Constantine, Elizabeth Fama, Justina Ireland, Ingrid Jonach (who incidentally just released the trailer for her book WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT), Lauren Miller, Margaux Froley, Stacey Kade, Rysa Walker, Cheyanne Young, Amy Sparling, Cheree Smith, Jeffrey Salane, Dianna of William Morrow, Kristen Simmons, Bryony Pearce, Clare C. Marshall, Emi Gayle, Aviva Orr, Ruth Silver, Tamera Wissinger, Marissa Meyer and Carly Anne West!

Yesterday, I mentioned how awesome Caroline of Strange Chemistry is. Another proof of how amazing she is: she donated 5 Strange Chemistry books to my giveaway! So one winner will get five (!!!) print (!!!!) books from Strange Chemistry. So lucky! Thank you so much, Caroline!

And I’m having a cool giveaway for aspiring authors thanks to Lisa Amowitz! One winner will have a 10-page writing or query critique!

Tomorrow is dedicated to my Filipino readers and blogger friends. Come back to see which bloggers I love and to greet my friend and mentor, Precious of Fragments of Life, a happy birthday!


  1. Ha! I too don't use a bookmark and I also have a box full of swag! If I had all the monies I would gift you all of Melina Marchetta's contemporary novels – they are all so amazing!



  2. LOL you're funny! I LOVE milk tea too! I swear I don't have blood. If you cut me, you'll only see milk tea flowing from my veins. Great to know another Filipina blogger! Happy birthday, Dianne! 🙂



  3. If I had the means and the moneys…some random books that I would gift you are:
    – Amber House by Kelly Moore because its kinda creepy but also absolutely awesome with all its mysteriousness!! and Sammy is just the cutest! Also not many people seem to have read this so its really a shame…
    – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews because the cover is so pretty!!!! but seriously it's so funny and strange and I don't even know but its great!!!
    – The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner because GEN! haha Gen is such a great character and The Thief is just such a fun fantasy adventurey book….idk I loved it!
    Alrighty I'm just going to stop there because if I don't stop now I'm just going to keep listing books until I've listed all the books that I've read and enjoyed so bye 😉



  4. STRANGE CHEMISTRY! OMG There are so many good looking Strange Chemistry books that I just want them all! So many are on my TBR list! Like I would LOVE…
    The Assassin's Curse & The Pirates Wish – by Cassandra Rose Clarke
    Pantomime and Shadowplay – by Laura Lam
    Zenn Scarlett and Under Nameless Stars – by Christian Schoon
    Emilie and the Hollow World by Martha Wells – by Martha Wells
    ….okay I just realised that I kinda want almost all Strange Chem books…..heheh I'm greedy….



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