#nowplaying Royals – Lorde

And the song everyone’s gaga about.

#nowplaying Brighter – Ramona Flowers

So you might see a trend that I love upbeat-ish happy songs or trance songs. Well, I need them. Haha! No need to be sad when you can be happy!

#nowplaying Lie Follows Lie – NAKED

The obvious Oriental tinges are so cool. They ROCK. Wow.

#nowplaying Love More Worry Less – Bipolar Sunshine

So this has been a long time coming but as you can see, I haven’t posted in here for more than 6 months. Do you know why? This is the reason why I’m not posting in here anymore. Yes, I started another blog and a book blog at that. I love reading but ever since I started this book blog, it became bigger than that. I review books, talk to authors, request book from publishers, review those for them and hold giveaways. It’s been such a fun ride. And as you know, I’m an obsessive type of person and when I do a thing, I focus on that. As of now, my drive and passion for this book blog I made isn’t waning soon. So you might hear even less from me here but I’ll try to share some good music that I find as much as I can. (I’m scheduling a post for tomorrow!) I’m not into watching much kdramas and TV shows and movies nowadays (I read a lot) but I’m trying to watch some again. All I follow now is Suits. ❤ So this blog just might be the blog where I share all the awesome songs I listen to.

Like this song. I’ve been singing it for days now. And while I have tons of songs in the past six months that I just can’t get out of my mind, this is that one song I feel like I need to share. Gorgeous music video, wonderful message, a freakin’ good song. Good vibes all over. Hope you enjoy it!

Bipolar Sunshine ❤