#nowplaying Clarity (Acoustic Version) – Zedd feat. Foxes

Eeeeppp, I love acoustic version of anything. ❤

#nowplaying Anyway I Can – Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon released their Tightrope EP some time ago and being a bad fan and a very busy student, I only had time recently to appreciate the awesomeness that is this EP. Listen to this and feel happiness flow through you. Nicholas Petricca’s singing is just too damn addicting, as with Walk the Moon’s tunes. On repeat? Yeah!

#nowplaying Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes

I hate Lorenz for sticking this song to my brain and thanking him anyway. Hee.

#nowplaying Clarity (Zedd Cover) – Madyon

I still don’t have a cover of Madyon that I don’t like and I hope that stays forever. Gah, I really need to check their originals soon.

#nowplaying Heart Attack (Demi Lovato Cover) – TeraBrite

Pop punk covers the best!

#nowplaying Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

In honor of her concert today which I won’t be able to go to. T_T

#nowplaying Bad Boys / Ms. New Booty Mash-Up – Max Schneider and Nick SpicyBrown

Two hot talented friends. Sigh. I feel bad but I just can’t keep staring on Nick’s collarbone. Haha!

#nowplaying When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars Cover) – Max Schneider

All the feels! And Kurt is playing a freakin’ HARP! A HARP!

#nowplaying Vampire’s Kiss – John Gold

And yes, this is gold. Had me singing “siri guru daveh nameh” ALL THE TIME. Thank you Cel and thank you The First Time.

#nowplaying Sweet Louise – The Belle Brigade

Gahd, obsessed with this song because of The First Time. ❤