Songs from Revenge S02E10 Power

Richard Walters, “Dandelion”
Int. Stowaway – Jack gives Amanda her old sea glass necklace

The Fearless Vampire Killers, “For You & Me”
Scene: Cops show up at the Stowaway

Moo Industries, “Baltimore Sun”
Scene: Everyone attends the Liberty Project Benefit Party

Moo Industries, “She Does”
Scene: Emily confronts the Judges wife at the benefit before her speech

Drawn From Bees, “The East Wood Fox”
Scene: Charlotte comes by the bar to distract the brothers, while Declan snoops around

JL Hodges, “Honest I Promise”
Scene: Charlotte continues to distract, while Declan finds drugs hidden in coffee beans

The Owsley Brothers, “Blood & Fire”
Scene: Declan tells Jack about the drugs he found

Steve Rice, “Lounge Party Starting”
Scene: Daniel and Conrad meet for lunch

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