Promo for White Collar S04E13 Empire City


Preview for Flower Boy Next Door Episode 9


Sneak Peek Videos of White Collar S04E12 Brass Tacks

Another one here, here and here. Enjoy!

Preview for Flower Boy Next Door Episode 8


Sneak Peek Video of The Vampire Diaries S04E12 A View to a Kill


Promo for Suits S02E13 Zane vs. Zane


Songs from The Vampire Diaries S04E11 Catch Me If You Can

They Told Me by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Scene: Klaus & Damon work to convince Jeremy that he needs to kill the vampires in the bar.

Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club
Scene: Stefan enters his room to find Rebecca reading his diary.

Baby I Call Hell by Deap Vally
Scene: Jeremy & Damon return to the bar & find it empty.

Missing by The XX
Scene: Rebecca explains to Stefan why she wouldn’t erase his memories of Elena.

16 Years by Phantogram
Scene: Damon & Elena chat with Matt before going to find Jeremy; Elena interrupts Damon’s mission to kill Jeremy.

Skin by Zola Jesus
Scene: Stefan explains to Damon why he had to bleed him out; Stefan tells Elena she can’t visit Damon, then she ask why he’s teamed up with Rebecca; Bonnie apologizes to her father

Promo for The Vampire Diaries S04E12 A View to a Kill

Enjoy! Stuck in the lab, I haven’t watched TVD or Suits. T_T

Songs from Suits S02E12 Blood in the Water

Tagalong by Hit Back
Scene: Mike convinces Jimmy to recommend Harold at the firm

Marathon by Heartless Bastards
Scene: Harvey rips Louis’ resignation letter

Promo for White Collar S04E12 Brass Tacks