I Did It! (My 2012 Project 365: #nowplaying ) + My Top 2012 Songs

Weee! I did it! I completed my 2012 Project 365 which is to post #nowplaying posts everyday. Browse all you want, use the #nowplaying tag, but I posted everyday! WOOHOO!

I am planning to continue sharing good music to you guys so I will still do *belly roll* (Oh God, I love Pitch Perfect.) THE 2013 PROJECT 365: #NOWPLAYING! Woo to the hoo!

Anyway, I was planning to just announce that but I emailed this author I love about my favorite 2012 songs. Pretty much recommending good songs to her and sharing the love. So I thought, why not post it in my blog too? Yey! Two birds with one stone! So forgive me if it’s not that edited because this was only an email! I never intended to post it but here I am now. Haha!

*Not all of the songs were featured as a #nowplaying because I featured them at a music blog I contribute in, audiovortextropy.

So, the songs I loved this 2012! Or the songs I’m recommending to you!

1. Baby Blue by We Were Evergreen (Feel good song! It’s upbeat. We Were Evergreen is a Parisian indie electropop band. They use different types of xylophones, which I never knew had types, and ukelele, etc. :D)

2. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons (I also loved “It’s Time”.)

3. Keep Breathing by The Slakadeliqs feat. Justin Nozuka

4. Paint the Pictures by of Verona (Can imagine it played in a movie. So good.)

5. I Can Lift A Car by Walk the Moon (It’s such a sad but uplifting song. I love it so much.)

6. This Love is Magic by Astoria Kings

7. The Good Life by Ellem (Super feel good!)

8. Trojans by Atlas Genius (It’s a 2011 release but it gained popularity this 2012, I think. *whatacheat*. I personally prefer the acoustic version because it sounds more meaningful since it’s mellow and slow.)

9. Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

10. Afraid of Summer by Lost Lander (It’s so sigh. Beautiful. I’m no writer but the violins, the lyrics, the timbre of voice, the haunting aaaaahhhs. <3)

11. TIGER BY GREYLAG (OH GAH I JUST CAN’T DESCRIBE. Probably my favorite song of the year. Lyrics, everything.)

12. This Side of Paradise by Coyote Theory (This is one of their mellow songs but they have upbeat too. They’re young (19-21 I think) but really talented!)

13. Open Road by Carousel (Roadtrip! Feel good with lyrics about living life, I think.)

And because I cannot not include these songs… Non-2012 releases!

1. Come Around by Tim and Jean (#1 feel good song of ALL TIME)

2. As You Choke by The Hunting Accident

3. Me and You by Strange Boys (I remember being super addicted to this and I can’t understand all of the lyrics and I wanted to sing with it. So… I emailed the band. No guts, no glory!)

4. Wild Leaves by Custom Kings (Seriously, I haven’t heard an Aussie band that sucked.)

5. Just Sing by Strange Vacation (Love the message of this song.)

6. Book Club by Arkells

Hope you’ll like these songs too.


Bye 2012, hello 2013!


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