Songs from Underemployed S01E07 The Focus Group

Giles Palmer – Rise Up Again
Previously On Underemployed

Dallas – Bring The Light
Scene: The gang compares their jobs

Haroula Rose – Already Yours
Scene: Miles watches Daphne Sleep. She wakes up)

Still Flyin – Take These Streets
Scene: Miles asks Llou for medical suggestions

You Say France, & I Whistle – OMG
Scene: Daphne and Lou talk about work and co-workers

Das Tapes – Black Ferrari
Scene: Miles tells Maggie his problem

Victory – Photo Girl
Scene: Sophia asks about another focus group. Raviva talks about Lou

LA Font – Lipsmack
Scene: Bekah pulls Lou into his dad’s office and they kiss

Action Toolbelt – Used To Be
Scene: Miles leaves a long message for his doctor

The Pow Pow – Payback
Scene: The receptionist answers Miles call

Royal Teeth – Wild
Scene: Daphne apologizes as Todd Exits

Cathy Heller – Gonna Make A Change
Scene: Raviva & Sophia have lunch

Dinosaur Feathers – Young Bucks
Scene: Miles crashes the doctors office

Canon Blue – Honeysuckle
Scene: Daphne goes to see Todd. He asks her out

Brendan Losch – Just Be You
Scene: Lou and Raviva talk some stuff out

California Wives – Light Year
Scene: Lou and Raviva show Sophia her new room

NEXT ON Underemployed

Hawke/Loxley – Don’t Do It

Apple Horse – Summon God

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