Songs from Underemployed S01E05 The Trivial Pursuit

All Mankind – This Is A Miracle
Scene: The gang practices for the trivia contest

Dirty On Purpose – Your Summer Dress
Scene: Lou and Raviva realize they can now have sex

Jake Troth – Alexandra
Scene: Lou talks to Raviva on the phone at work

All Mankind – Pretenders
Scene: Jamel shows Raviva his video game

Locksley – In Celebration
Scene: Establishing shot

Clovers – Cherry Blossom
Scene: Keith and Daphne go to lunch

The Danks – Treaty Connector
Scene: Miles agrees to come meet Daphne and Keith

The Crookes – Carnabetian Charms
Scene: Miles has lunch with Daphne and Keith)

Ruth – Love and Craigslist
Scene: Miles and Daphne are creeped out by Keith

Bravestation – Flourescent Scenes
Scene: Miles invites Keith to trivia night

Dan Ferrari – However Many Times
Scene: Jamel kisses Raviva goodbye

Ocha La Rocha – I Feel It Too
Scene: Daphne talks to Todd on the phone

The Royalty – Every Little Bit
Scene: Miles, Daphne, and Keith take shots at the bar

Secret Connection – Jacquie
Scene: Bar source

Hotstreets – Just A Little Bit
Scene: The drunk gang stops by Donut Girl

Blonds – Time
Scene: Lou and Raviva in bed, into Daphne and Miles getting ready for bed

Ski Lodge – A Game
Scene: Establishing shot

Blonde Summer – Cathode Ray
Scene: Sophia quits donut girl

The Stereotypes – Love In The Sand
Scene: Raviva tells Jamel to chill


The Miracals – California Girls
Scene: Miles and Raviva count their hook ups

Hands & Teeth – Hunting Season
Scene: Keith wakes up and Daphne/Miles place

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