Songs from Underemployed S01E03 The Roommate

The Static Jacks – Blood Pressure
Scene: Show Opening – the kids eat pizza and talk about Sophia and her new girlfriend

Memoryhouse – Punctum
Scene: Lou and Raviva marvel at their child as Miles has sex in the other room

American Tomahawk – Please
Scene: Laura and Sophia hang out at Laura’s apartment

The Submarines – Where You Are
Scene: Daphne and Sophia talk on the train

Ollie Gabriel – Days Like This
Scene: Plays as source in Laura’s car as she drops Sophia off at work

Oberhofer – Away Frm U
Scene: Todd takes Daphne’s idea

The Royalty – Saint Bowie
Scene: Sophia and Raviva talk outside Donut Girl

Airship Rocketship – Centipeede
Scene: Miles trys out for the Mayo commercial

Locksley – In Celebration
Scene: Lou calls Raviva about his talk with Miles

James & Evander – Can’t Forget
Scene: Sophia asks Miles to have sex with her

Margo May – Blue Shoes
Scene: Sophia calls Laura and tells her she can’t make it to the dinner

Voxhaul Broadcast – Starts Right Here
Scene: Todd and Daphne celebrate the Madura account

Memoryhouse – Pale Blue
Scene: Miles and Sophia attempt to have sex

Damien Jurado – Let Us All In
Scene: Miles tells Lous he’s going to move out

The Orwells – In My Bed
Scene: Miles asks Daphne to become roommates

Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye
Scene: The kids hang out at bar and sing a long


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