Songs from Underemployed S01E02 The Crib

Locksley – Take Me There
Scene: Previously On Underemployed

Victory – Kickers
Scene: Opening – The gang lies around Rosemary and decides to create an Ultimate Bat Signal

Jethro Fox – Before
Scene: Lou getting ready for work

Ski Lodge – I Would Die To Be
Scene: Sophia tells Daphne about her first time

Secrets In Stereo – I’ve Got A Secret
Scene: Lou calls the gang and uses the Ultimate Bat Signal

Hannah Georgas – Lovers Breakdown
Scene: Raviva starts unpacking her things and cleaning up the apartment / Todd asks Daphne if he can go with her to buy baby clothes

The Royalty – I Want You
Scene: Raviva continues to clean out the apartment

White Violet – Lays Around Lazy
Scene: Todd and Daphne shop for baby clothes

The Fieros – Comeback
Scene: Sophia goes to pick up the four track

Umphrey’s McGee – Domino Theory
Scene: Miles builds the crib

Soft Swells – Lifeboats
Scene: Todd and Daphne walk and talk

Wildlife – Matches
Scene: Raviva calls Lou at work but he can’t answer. She then calls Sophia to ask her to steal the sign for Miles

The Lighthouse and The Whaler – Burst Apart
Scene: Daphne and Todd distress the new baby clothes

Mates Of State – Mistakes
Scene: Todd and Daphne cook lunch and end up kissing

The Parlotones – Soul and Body
Scene: The cops release Sophia

Jennifer O’Connor – Swan Song (For Bella)
Scene: Daphne apologizes to Sophia

The Phoenix Foundation – Pot
Scene: Lou shows Raviva all of the baby items the gang got for her

The Parlotones – Suitcase For Home
Scene: Daphne, Miles, and Raviva talk at a bar

The Blakes – Basket
Scene: Next On Underemployed

Lonesome Ghost – Golden Cage
Scene: End Credits

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