Songs from Underemployed S01E01 Pilot

Say what, I’m watching Underemployed! It is flawed but I’m enjoying it. I can now enjoy Diego Boneta because I hated him in PLL. Haha! I think I have a crush on Lou. I have a thing for John Krasinski type of guys. Heehee. Anyway, I think I love all of MTV’s scripted shows. They found a niche in me. XD

Young Empires – White Doves
Scene: Opening – the kids walk around the city and talk about their futures

Miranda Lee Richards – Breathless
Scene: Lou and Raviva talk and break up in dorm room

Joseph Arthur – Midwest
Scene: Sophia runs into her old classmate Enzo while working at Donut Girl

fiN – It Changes Everything
Scene: Establishing shot of the loft – Raviva and Lou talk about Raviva’s pregnancy

Tennis – My Better Self
Scene: Todd asks Daphne to go to lunch

NO – There’s A Glow
Scene: Daphne and Todd have lunch

Oberhofer – I Could Go
Scene: Daphne and Todd kiss in the park

The Ross Sea Party – Thunder
Scene: Daphne and Todd hook up in the parking lot

Tandemoro – Numbers Game
Scene: Daphne and Sophia meet Raviva at the train

White Arrows – Get Gone
Scene: Sophia, Daphne, and Raviva talk on the train

Mates of State – Desire
Scene: Sophia attempts to write at her computer

Bangs – Fakes
Scene: Miles and Janet walk and talk about Calvin Klein

Phantogram – Don’t Move
Scene: Lou gets mad about Tatiana and tells Miles to make her contribute

BRONZE – Sunny Day
Scene: Raviva gets mad when Lou asks if the baby is his

Turner Cody – Corner of My Room
Scene: Montage of Lou getting ready to go on interviews

The Great Unknown – The Laws Of Energy
Scene: Lou and Miles walk and talk about becoming men

Amtrac – Distant Heartbreak
Scene: Miles arrives to meet Calvin Klein and soon realizes he is there to be a waiter

Katie Herzig – Make A Noise
Scene: Sophia goes to get drinks with Laura and goes home with her

Afterlife Parade – Black Woods White Beach
Scene: Kids arrive at the hospital for the birth of Rosemary

Scene: Montage of what the kids are doing now


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