Songs from The Vampire Diaries S04E07 My Brother’s Keeper

“Let’s Go” by Matt & Kim
Caroline and Elena talk about her feelings for Damon and then Professor Shane interrupts them; Jeremy asks Matt if he wants to see something cool.

“Ain’t Fair” by Deap Vally
Hayley helps Kimberly with her sire bond and then Tyler arrives.

“Ordinary World” by Vitamin String Quartet
Klaus arrives at the pageant and then he and Caroline see Tyler and Hayley arrive.

“Little Deschutes” by Laura Veirs
Caroline asks Elena where Jeremy is and then Elena tells Caroline and Damon about Jeremy’s nightmares.

“Falling Slowly” by Vitamin String Quartet
Caroline complains to Klaus about Elena and then they talk about the cure and Klaus teases her about her Miss Mystic’s application.

“Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran
Elena and Damon dance and kiss; Stefan and Caroline talk while he has a drink.

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#nowplaying Little Things (One Direction Cover) – Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider


Songs from Underemployed S01E07 The Focus Group

Giles Palmer – Rise Up Again
Previously On Underemployed

Dallas – Bring The Light
Scene: The gang compares their jobs

Haroula Rose – Already Yours
Scene: Miles watches Daphne Sleep. She wakes up)

Still Flyin – Take These Streets
Scene: Miles asks Llou for medical suggestions

You Say France, & I Whistle – OMG
Scene: Daphne and Lou talk about work and co-workers

Das Tapes – Black Ferrari
Scene: Miles tells Maggie his problem

Victory – Photo Girl
Scene: Sophia asks about another focus group. Raviva talks about Lou

LA Font – Lipsmack
Scene: Bekah pulls Lou into his dad’s office and they kiss

Action Toolbelt – Used To Be
Scene: Miles leaves a long message for his doctor

The Pow Pow – Payback
Scene: The receptionist answers Miles call

Royal Teeth – Wild
Scene: Daphne apologizes as Todd Exits

Cathy Heller – Gonna Make A Change
Scene: Raviva & Sophia have lunch

Dinosaur Feathers – Young Bucks
Scene: Miles crashes the doctors office

Canon Blue – Honeysuckle
Scene: Daphne goes to see Todd. He asks her out

Brendan Losch – Just Be You
Scene: Lou and Raviva talk some stuff out

California Wives – Light Year
Scene: Lou and Raviva show Sophia her new room

NEXT ON Underemployed

Hawke/Loxley – Don’t Do It

Apple Horse – Summon God

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Songs from Revenge S02E08 Lineage

“The One Thing I Could Lose” by The First Times
Scene: Carl and Matt talk and then Jack come into the Stowaway.

“Tears For Affairs” by Camera Obscura
Scene: Nolan and Marco talk and then Marco gives him a gift.

“Faster Kill Pussycat” by Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy
Scene: Takeda, “Emily” and Aiden take down Dmitri’s guards.

#nowplaying Skyfall (Adele Cover) – Corey Gray


So Ji Sub for High Cut Korea Vol. 90




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#nowplaying Romeo – The Family Crest

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