Songs from The Inbetweeners S01E08 The Field Trip

Apple Horse – Grandfather Clocks
Scene: Show Opens; Boys pack for the field trip

Jungle Giants – Mr. Polite
Scene: The boys get on the bus

The Radio Dept – Domestic Scene
Scene: Lauren arrives on the bus

Hey Geronimo – Why Don’t We Do Something
Scene: The bus leaves school

Freelance Whales – Ghosting
Scene: Will tries to flirt with Lauren

Oberhofer – I Could Go
Scene: Will gets fixed up by the nurse

Big Troubles – Misery
Scene: Will pets a bloodhound

Cuckoo Chaos – Just Ride It
Scene: Lauren arrives at the boys’ bunks

Fool’s Gold – Lantern
Scene: Lauren gets walked to her room

Seapony – Dreaming
Scene: In The Bedroom

Lykke Li – Youth Knows No Pain
Scene: Will gets sick in the bathroom


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