Songs from The Inbetweeners S01E01 First Day

M83 – Midnight City
Scene: Will walks the halls

Nightbox – Relocate You
Scene: Jocks arrive in the bathroom

Freelance Whales – Starring
Scene: Carly talks with Simon

Lil Jon – Let Low
Scene: Boys drink vodka

Toots and the Maytals – Broadway Jungle
Scene: Jay gives Simon girl advice

Lawrence Arabia – Apple Pie Bed
Scene: Will and Simon go to Carly’s

The Black Keys – Howlin For You
Scene: Will breaks down crying

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood
Scene: The boys clean the driveway

I just started watching MTV’s (and therefore America’s) adaptation of The Inbetweeners and I like it. Obviously, the second episode is way funnier than the pilot so give it a shot, guys! Will be posting the soundtrack from now on. As always, MTV shows have good music!


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