Preview for Nice Guy Episode 11

Never loved amnesia like this before. ❤


  1. I love this show and waiting till Wednesday is killing me. That being said, I’ve missed you too. I’m still following your post…especially your trailers. I’m watching Once Upon A Time and Revenge so I tend to watch trailers here. Are you watching Revolution? That’s kinda my new show that I’m in love with.

    Happy schooling! Don’t fill your brain to the point that it explodes or you’ll have a hard time running from those zombies.



    1. You’re like the nth person to recommend Revolution to me. I guess I need to check that one out asap.

      I caught up with Revenge! One last exam and I’m free so I hope to catch up with Once Upon a Time too. Heehee.

      I am planning on watching Nice Guy in one sitting come this last exam is done. I am missing out on all the dead eyes and the lies and the noble idiocy. Haha!



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