Songs from The Inbetweeners S01E11 Spa Time

Dirty Dirty – Hot Stuff
Scene: Simon shows up in a dirty car

Cheerleader – Do What You Want
Scene: Students hold car wash signs

Hugo – 99 Problems
Scene: Student Car Wash

Plushgun – Galaxies
Scene: Will talks with Samantha

Way Yes – Walkability
Scene: The boys enjoy the spa

Asphyx – Valleys in Oblivion
Scene: Simon gets a mud bath

Faces on Film – Knot in the Vine
Scene: Simon enjoys his mud bath

Imperial Teen – Out from the Inside
Scene: Neil gets a tip from an old man

We The Committee – Elephants
Scene: Will talks with a girl

Heavy Young Heathens – Techtonic Shift
Scene: Simon cuts his mudbath short

William Fitzsimmons – Beautiful Girl
Scene: Jay gets a back massage

Allie Moss – Corner
Scene: Simon picks up Carly

Oberhofer – o0o0o0o0o
Scene: Simon ruins Carly’s surprise party


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#nowplaying Old Money – Hungry Kids of Hungary

Spotlight + Guest Post: The Astrologer’s Daughter by Elyse Douglas

The Astrologer's Daughter
Title: The Astrologer’s Daughter
Author: Elyse Douglas
Genre: contemporary romance

Joanna Halloran, a best selling writer and astrologer, lives in a beach house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. After a violent storm, she roams the beach, glances seaward and spots a man clinging to a piece of wreckage, being tossed helplessly. She dives in and pulls him safely onto the beach.

Robert Zachary Harrison is from a wealthy, political family. As he slowly recovers from a private plane crash, he and Joanna fall in love and spend passionate and sequestered weeks together. But because of family duty, Robert makes the painful decision to leave her and return to his fiancée and political life. He departs, not knowing Joanna is pregnant.

Twenty five years later, Senator Robert Harrison is running for President of the United States. In the midst of a contentious presidential campaign, Joanna’s daughter, who has a passion to expose secrets, seeks revenge on her father. She is also falling in love with her father’s adopted son.

As secrets emerge, Joanna and Robert meet again and confront the past and present. Robert confesses a secret that Joanna had never known. Now, on the world stage, they struggle to keep their families and careers from destruction.

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Guest Post

Do you have any feelings in general that you are disturbed by?

I’m not disturbed by life so much now.  Most of the time I try to celebrate it for what it is.  As Joseph Campbell said, life is a wonderful, wonderful opera, except that it hurts.  I accept that it hurts and try to move on.  I’m more baffled by life now; but in an odd way I enjoy the mechanism of life and the insanity of it all: that is, the insanity within the apparent normalcy of every day living.  I mean, who do you know who is not insane in some way?  And yet most of us manage to live fairly “normal” lives.

In writing fiction, I try to show how insane “normal” really is and, at the same time, how beautifully human we all are, struggling with our emotions, desires and fears.  If I’m disturbed by anything, it is the lack of compassion we often have for each other and for ourselves as we stumble through this experience, on this little round rock of a planet that is spinning around out in the middle of nowhere.  We don’t know where we came from, who we really are or where we’re going when we “POOF” disappear.  We’re all in it and “out of it,” together.

Elyse:  I don’t think there is anyone who can honestly say that they’re not disturbed by feelings of inadequacy and fear.  In my opinion, these are the enemies of our lives; we must face them on the battlefield of our minds to prevent them from sapping our vital force, to stop them from taking over our emotional lives.  Because we have human consciousness, we can imagine what we think should be, as well as what could be, and so we regret the past, feel inadequate in the present, and worry about the future, especially the reality of death.

When you watch a cat or a dog dying, you realize that they have no fear.  There is physical pain, perhaps, but no fear.  A cat will just go off into the woods and hide, as if it knows to put its body in the proper place to decompose and continue the life cycle.  Because there is no imagination and no awareness of the future, animals just heed the dictates of the moment, follow instinct, respond to waning energy and allow themselves to go to sleep.  Humans, on the other hand, realize what they will miss when they die; they can anticipate the physical pain of losing energy and breath; can dread the loss of their independence; can wonder what happens to their individual consciousness; can hope they will be rewarded beyond death for their attempts to live in a moral or dharmic way.

I haven’t explored death in my fiction writing yet, but I can envision a time when I will.  I see octogenarians on the bus or on the street, and I imagine what goes through their minds:  will I have enough money to live out my life with dignity?  Will I have the physical mobility I need to live an independent life?  Will there be someone to help me through the last few months of my life if I become enfeebled and/or demented?  Will I accept death and be able to die without becoming bitter and angry?

As someone once said, the paradox of life is that we know we are going to die, but we have to live as if we are going to live forever.  Perhaps it was E.M. Forster who shared that thought; I do know he wrote this one, in a powerful essay entitled “What I Believe”, published in 1938:  “The people I respect most behave as if they were immortal and as if society was eternal.”

About Elyse Douglas

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the husband and wife writing team of Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse received a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Columbia University, and Douglas attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Their novel, The Astrologer’s Daughter, was published in 2011. They currently live in New York City. Wanting Rita is their second novel.

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Is there a song of theirs I don’t like? I think there’s none. Heehee. I don’t want you coming around~ I love the ooohhoohooos in this!

Spotlight + Guest Post: Midnight’s Cloak by Justin E. Geary

Title: Midnight’s Cloak
Author: Justin E. Geary
Genre: epic fantasy
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Release Date: May 30, 2012

Dark blood of the evil ten; drank by a son of the same brood. Possessed by the taint, he marches to different sections of the world, conquering and destroying everything in his path as a cloak of midnight pulls itself over all things. The great foretelling of LaStaudd the Wise, the age of the Rising Flame.
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After a half hour of travel Aramina woke up.

“You okay sweetheart?” Lot asked.

“I think so,” Aramina said. “I take it the Cael are dead.”

“Yes. Why didn’t you use your magic?” Lot asked.

“I started to, then one of them jumped me from behind. After that everything became hazy,” Aramina said.

“You’re not dizzy or anything?”

“I feel fine,” Aramina said softly. She looked to the right where Clophues rode the gelding and had Snowflake’s reins.

“His name is Clophues. I don’t think he would have shot you. He was just scared.”

“The Cael were chasing him?” Aramina asked.


“Could you let me down so I can ride Snowflake. This saddle is a bit uncomfortable.” Lot stopped Tracker and Aramina climbed down. Clophues stopped his horse as well. She went to Clophues.

“May I have my horse back, please?” Aramina asked.

“Maybe I’ll give her back to you, but I’d like a kiss first,” Clophues said, simpering. Aramina stuck her hand out, expecting it to be filled with Snowflake’s reins. “I’d prefer a kiss on the lips,” the West woodsman said, perking up.

“I’d be careful with her?” Lot warned. Aramina dropped her hand and looked back at the samurai. Her look told him to shut up. Lot watched the two of them intently. She turned back to Clophues. “I can’t kiss you from up there,” Aramina said. Clophues bent sideways to get closer to her. When he got close Aramina grabbed his ear hard and yanked him from his gelding. The West woodsman hit the ground, grunting. Lot chuckled.

“Would you like another?” Aramina asked angrily.

Clophues stood up and brushed off his coat. “You’re mad,” he said.

Guest Post

My Favorite Books and Why by Justin E. Geary

This is a difficult topic for me to write about because I like a wide variety of genres, so I’ll only pick some of my favorites. Let’s start with Stephen King’s the Long Walk. This was an excellent novel about a competition held every year or so. The title gives you a good idea of what the book’s about. Every year a hundred children are drawn randomly to compete in a walk that does not stop until there is only one walker left. I will not give you any more information about this book because I think you should read it. It may be Stephen King’s very best and that’s saying a lot because he has written many good novels.

Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is another one of my favorite novels. I liked the two duel stories of Boo Radley and Tom Robinson and the subtle comparisons made about them. The characters were interesting and it gave you a feeling of what it was like when they were a kid.
Robert Jordan’s The Eye Of The World was the novel that had the most influence on me as a novelist.

Mainly because I write Epic Fantasy myself and I was totally enchanted by the world that he’d created, practically from scratch, which most Epic Fantasy authors are unable to do.
Ayn Rand’s The Fountain Head was another novel I enjoyed. Its focus was more on being unique or different and what makes a person beautiful. The fact that they are unique and different is beautiful.

The Princess Bride without a doubt is what epic fantasy is all about. Not only was the book outstanding having adventure, romance and battles, it had a child like sense of wonder to it. The Lord of the Flies was a very dark book about what happens when children are left without supervision. It also delves deep into the psychology of the human mind. This was a very dark book, one of the darkest I’ve ever read.

The only novel that made me laugh and cry in one book was John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. This  is a novel I read many times. This represents some of Steinbeck’s best work and he’s the best literary writer I’ve personally ever read. He was not hard to read and his characters were truly captivating.

James A. Michener’s Centennial is a very different book compared to the others I’ve read. It breaks a lot of the rules of what I was taught about writing, but I have to admit I loved it. It’s about the geographical location of Centennial Colorado and goes through many characters. This novel is not character based but based on what happened since the beginning of time in Centennial and there is a good message to it. To readers curious about Centennial: it’s a long novel but it’s a smooth read.

About Justin E. Geary

Justin E. Geary lives in western Maryland where he spends his time reading various authors and exploring different subjects. In addition to fiction he enjoys history and some science. He is the nephew of 1942 Pulitzer Prize winner Laurence Edmond Allen. Justin’s hobbies are chess, pool and writing epic fantasy. He started reading Edgar Allen Poe with interest at the age of sixteen and started writing screenplays at the age of nineteen. Screenplays were unfulfilling for Justin because they lacked depth. Later on he wrote his first novel at twenty-one and Midnight’s Cloak his second at twenty-four. After finishing the rough draft Justin decided that Fantasy was his escape from the world. Without a college education Justin decided to seek editorial help sinking twenty-one hundred dollars of his own money into the editing and proofing of his manuscript. Justin calls the expense a small price for something he loves so dearly.


Songs from Revenge S02E05 Forgiveness

“(So Outta Reach)” by Kurt Vile
Scene: Charlotte and then Kenny stop by the Stowaway.

“Vermont Avenue” by Ferraby Lionheart
Scene: Jack finds Declan cleaning up at the Stowaway.

“Blind (Salva Remix)” by Rainbow Arabia
Scene: Daniel and Ashley take Aiden out for drinks.

“For You” by Angus & Julia Stone
Scene: Flashback of David and Amanda.

“Strangers In The Night” originally by Frank Sinatra
Scene: Mason whistles as he leaves “Emily’s” house.

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