Songs from Awkward S02E12 The Other Shoe

My Fiction – Trophy Kids
Scene: Jenna plays Spin The Bottle

Squeak E. Clean – You Let Me Know Too Much
Scene: Jenna pretends to make out with Matty in the closet

White Arrows – Get Gone
Scene: Jenna, Tamara, and Ming discuss the class summer trip to Europe

Gardens & Villa – Thorn Castles
Scene: Jenna wonders if Jake is cool with her choosing Matty

Bangs – Fakes
Scene: Jenna wonders why the universe is working in her favor

ExLovers – Just A Silhouette
Scene: Jenna lies in bed with Matty wondering what the Summer holds in store for them

Little Scout – Dead Loss
Scene: Matty tells Jenna he can’t go to Europe

Adventure – Rio
Scene: Jenna talks on the phone to Tamara about the Europe trip)

Living Days – Let’s Kiss
Scene: Sadie and Lissa talk about Ricky

Drex – Goodtimes
Scene: Jake talks to Matty about all the new attention he has

Prince Innocence – Shells
Scene: Fred Wu says goodbye to Ming

ZZ Ward – Move Like You Stole It
Scene: Jake hides from Lissa

Blondfire – Where The Kids Are
Scene: Jenna talks to Clark about her choice

JJAMZ – Get What You Want
Scene: Jake and Tamara kiss in her car

ExLovers – This Love Will Lead You On
Scene: Jake and Tamara continue to make out

LadyStation – Loud
Scene: Clark confesses that he is the commenter

Death in The Afternoon – Oh Youth!
Scene: Jenna talks to Tamara about kissing Jake

16 BARZ – Came To Party
Scene: Jenna and Tamara talk to Drunk Sadie about what she saw Ricky doing

JJAMZ – Never Enough
Scene: As everyone Dances, Jenna tells Matty she’s decided to stay, Matty doesn’t want to dance





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