#nowplaying Tightrope – Walk the Moon

I’ve been waiting for my scheduled #nowplaying posts to dwindle down so I can post what I’ve been listening for a month now. I’ve always loved Anna Sun by Walk the Moon but I didn’t really listen to any other song by them. But then I came across their live performances with PS22 Chorus and I just gotta listen to the original. And boom, I’ve been hooked for a month now. I love Tightrope but I really love Next in Line. I don’t know which is my favorite now especially that I’ve heard I Can Lift A Car and all of their other songs. I also watched countless acoustic and live performances and subscribed to their Youtube channels and followed them in Twitter, liked them in Facebook, been tweeting about them, in short, I AM OBSESSED. Until now. I just love their energy and how sincere they are in performing. You can see that they are actually pretty shocked that they’re getting famous and I am so proud of them.

Anyway, in here is their homemade music video for Tightrope which I love. Seriously, I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about Walk the Moon. One of my fave bands. ❤ Enjoy this and let’s party! Woohoo!

Expect more Walk the Moon songs when I have nothing to post. Because I seriously listen to them everyday. ❤

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