#nowplaying Quesadilla – Walk the Moon

I still don’t get why it’s titled Quesadilla but who am I to question the title when this song and this video is just so fun? Enjoy!

#nowplaying Lisa Baby – Walk the Moon

Oh yeah, bring the house down! Seriously, Walk the Moon just knows how to rock it and dance. Plus, their voices blend so smoothly. Gah, it’s in my bucket list to watch them live. Seriously.

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#nowplaying Jenny – Walk the Moon

So this song isn’t probably really pure and sweet like most of The Icarus Account’s songs but shoot me if it isn’t damn catchy. With a chorus like “Jenny’s got a body just like an hourglass| But I’m taking my time, I’m taking my time| I wanna be the sand inside that hourglass| Take it slow, oh, oh, gonna make it last“. You see what I mean? But like I said, it is so catchy and why are there so many songs entitled “Jenny”? Is it that easy to make rhymes with? Is there that many Jenny’s in the world? Because I sure do hope Walk the Moon will have a song entitled “Dianne” soon. Hahaha! What? A girl can dream! Anyway, enjoy!

Preview for Bridal Mask Episode 25


#nowplaying I Can Lift A Car – Walk the Moon

Gah, this song is the best. Actually, I can say that about every song of theirs. But for me, this song is the most meaningful or most uplifting. Actually, I feel REALLY REALLY SAD when I listen to this song, especially at the start. But I get uplifted and hopeful during the chorus and at the end. So what I understand is that there’s this girl who broke up with the guy. He’s having mirages of her in the shower and he’s reminiscing the time when she kissed him on his futon. But the line “Well I hope you like it in Chicago” just kills me every time. So she left him and went to Chicago. And all of those “I won’t lose it” and “Hold it steady” just stabs my heart. So she left him but he won’t lose it, he won’t be crazy over it. Because don’t you know that he can lift a car up all by himself. He means that her going away won’t kill him and he’s strong, emotionally strong, that he can move on from her. The chorus is really uplifting and I sometimes cry to this song. And then he’s moving on, “I’ve been going out and trying to stay fit” and he “met someone who wears your glasses“. So he isn’t really over I guess since he’s inclined to someone similar to the previous girl. But this girl is different and he has finally moved on from the previous, signified by his new futon. And now, he won’t lose this new girl because he’s strong and actually cool. Because did you, did you, did you know that, he can lift a car up all by himself?

So bittersweet, so great. Aside from Iscariot, this is the song that comes straight from the heart. Though this song is about love and Iscariot is more general I think. I love all of their upbeat songs because that’s how I knew them but their slow songs are also really really good and I love these songs too. Gah, Walk the Moon is the best!

#nowplaying Next in Line – Walk the Moon

I love this song! Gah, I memorized it after two listens I think. Haha! It’s so catchy and it’s actually sweet. I still swoon everytime I hear this song because of the line “Won’t you stay shotgun until the day I die”. I mean seriously, that line just kills me. I don’t know about you but staying shotgun forever with a person is pretty sweet to me. That in every ride, that person is there, sitting next to you. ALTHOUGH, I think the persona (woah, persona) in the song is a hormonal teen/twenty year-old. I don’t know if it’s just my dirty mind but I don’t think “stick shift” only means the actual stick shift of the car. Plus, “Push me honey to the up and right” and “I said the stick shift push it to the up and right”. Hahahaha! Anyway, still, love the song, it keeps me awake when I’m doing my homeworks. And this video just rocks so much. Walk the Moon forever! ❤

#nowplaying Tightrope – Walk the Moon

I’ve been waiting for my scheduled #nowplaying posts to dwindle down so I can post what I’ve been listening for a month now. I’ve always loved Anna Sun by Walk the Moon but I didn’t really listen to any other song by them. But then I came across their live performances with PS22 Chorus and I just gotta listen to the original. And boom, I’ve been hooked for a month now. I love Tightrope but I really love Next in Line. I don’t know which is my favorite now especially that I’ve heard I Can Lift A Car and all of their other songs. I also watched countless acoustic and live performances and subscribed to their Youtube channels and followed them in Twitter, liked them in Facebook, been tweeting about them, in short, I AM OBSESSED. Until now. I just love their energy and how sincere they are in performing. You can see that they are actually pretty shocked that they’re getting famous and I am so proud of them.

Anyway, in here is their homemade music video for Tightrope which I love. Seriously, I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about Walk the Moon. One of my fave bands. ❤ Enjoy this and let’s party! Woohoo!

Expect more Walk the Moon songs when I have nothing to post. Because I seriously listen to them everyday. ❤