Review: Baby Daddy S01E01 Pilot

So I heard from my dear friend Jean that Jean-Luc Bilodeau has a new show and I immediately hyperventilated. Jean-Luc Bilodeau? Headlining his own show? A comedy at that? Hooked, lined, sinkered. Sign me up, please! I can pretty much watch Jean-Luc Bilodeau reciting math equations and enjoy it. I was warned though that the plot’s a lot like Raising Hope.

So I rolled my eyes, thinking here comes ABC Family, trying to have their own Raising Hope. A guy getting a girl preggo and the girl leaving their offspring on him. It’s too Raising Hope! But I was also told that it’s nothing like Raising Hope and after watching the pilot, I do agree on that. The premise is no doubt like Raising Hope but the execution, the humor, the everything, are miles away. Let’s deconstruct it, huh?

Unlike Raising Hope where it’s pretty much “white trash humor”, full of Virginia’s deadpans and their dumber-than-dumb actions, Baby Daddy is more grounded in reality. Thus while Raising Hope sometimes goes over-the-top only to smack you down with all the warmth and love it can give and more, Baby Daddy feels more realistic. Like maybe it’s happening to your neighbor. That kind of feeling. So what’s happening in this, you might ask?

Ben (Bilodeau), a guy in his 20s, lets his big brother and I mean big, Danny (Derek Theler) to live with him in his flat he shares with his best friend, Tucker (Tahj Mowry). Then comes the bell on the door and the baby. Wah! There’s just a note that the baby’s name is Emma and that Angela, the baby’s mother, can’t do it anymore. So shenanigans get off as no one knows how to take care of the baby. In comes Riley (Chelsea Kane) to the rescue, formerly known as Fat Pants, now studying law and nowhere near fat. Seriously, boys, you should learn how to handle kids! Though, it’s really funny to see three grown men panicking just because of a baby. Haha! Anyway, Riley saves the day but Ben and Danny’s mother comes, Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), saying they should let the kid be adopted, but she’s mostly happy she’s got a granddaughter. Angela arranged for adoption but in the end, like in Raising Hope, Ben decides to keep Emma and raise her himself, with the help of Danny and Tucker and Riley. Mostly Riley. Haha!

Of course it isn’t complete if there’s no love triangle. Riley always had the hots for Ben but Danny always had it bad with Riley. For the record, I am shipping Riley and Danny. The look on Danny’s face when Riley said he had everything while Ben don’t and he said, after she left, “not everything”, looking longingly after her, that wrenched my heart out. So Riley and Danny it is. Hee.

On to my review. So it is funny but not as funny as Raising Hope since like I said, this is normal life people. No one’s hitting someone’s head with a TV here. (Gah, I love Virginia and Raising Hope so much.) The baby is so cute and they also use twins! Gah, kids, I love kids! Anyway, the pilot isn’t that funny, since they are still establishing the characters and the plot. But having watched the second episode, it gets better and funnier. I laughed a lot on the second episode. So I suggest you go grab the first two episodes and check it out. Hope this review helped and enjoy!

Watching it for you and I ended up liking it. So, uhm, thanks? For a new show.

Thank you to ABC for the photos!

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