Promo for Suits S02E07 Sucker Punch

Gah, Suits! I have it really bad with Suits. It’s just so freakin’ amazing and exciting. Now that the stakes are ultra high, <3.

#nowplaying Anchorage – Surfer Blood

Once again, gotta give credit to Kiko for this. Enjoy!

Preview for Bridal Mask Episode 18


Cloud Atlas releases Trailer


I’ve been waiting for this for so long! It’s in my Ten Movies I’m Looking Forward in 2012 and now it’s here! The trailer is here! I can feel the premiere coming really soon. So excited! ❤ So I haven’t really read the book but I promise I will read it soon. I was supposed to buy it but it’s too expensive for my budget. Sigh. And I know the trailer is almost six-minute long but it’s worth it. Sure, you actually don’t get what’s happening but but but, sigh, I resign my case. I just want to watch this. Enjoy! (Ben Whishaw! Jim Sturgess! Tom Tykwer!)


#nowplaying Lighters (Eminem feat. Bruno Mars Cover) – Alex Goot, Chad Sugg and Luke Conard

Sorry but Luke’s voice does not do anything to me. I guess, to each his own. Still, enjoy!

2NE1 for 1st Look



1st Look definitely loves 2NE1. I remember that they already posed for them last year and here they are again! 1st Look is still a new magazine/publication and they already featured 2NE1 twice so good job, girls! Anyway, I love this photoshoot. You can check out the rest of the photos under the cut. Enjoy!

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To The Beautiful You releases Second Teaser

Against my better judgment, I am liking these teasers more and more. I can totally see Minho as Sano. If only I didn’t hate Sulli as much as I do. If only. And what the hell of a bowlcut did they put on Lee Hyun Woo? Siigh. Anyway, enjoy!

#nowplaying Every Time You Go – Ellie Goulding

Blaming Isay for this. Enjoy!

Songs from Suits S02E06 All In

“Pa’ Bailar (Instrumental Album Version)” by Bajofondo
Scene: Louis and Rachel run into each other at the ballet.

“Gold On The Ceiling” by The Black Keys
Scene: Harvey and Mike arrive at the hotel/casino.




Sneak Peek Videos of Covert Affairs S03E04 Speed of Life

Another one here and here. Enjoy!