Unbeatable – Vanness Wu and 2PM’s Junho MV

How come the world hasn’t exploded yet? I remember my HUGE, HUGE CRUSH on Vanness back when I was nine years old while Meteor Garden was being shown in our local TV. Sigh. And here’s Junho, who I love so much and just made me love him more when I watched him with Kim So Eun in Music and Lyrics, which I haven’t blogged about. They’re so cute and adorable together in this video and I’ve been reading tweets that they really enjoyed themselves while making this video and they’re such close friends right now. The song is good though the music video is nothing ground-breaking but is just so cute and all. Heehee. Btw, this song is used in Ti Amo Chocolate, which is the new drama of Vanness. Enjoy!


  1. My world exploded when I saw this. Vanness looks so good. He looks really worn out in Ti Amo Chocolate. It definitely brought back my Vanness crush, which was rapidly fading the face of Lee Tae Sung’s murderer. He looks so happy and his smile is so adorable. Gah! I keep rambling about this video. Any time someone mentions it, I have to talk about it.



    1. I remember seeing this in your blog and filing it in my mental cabinet that I need to watch it. In recent times, I’m more of a Junho fan so it’s really nice to see Vanness and rekindle my gradeschool crush on him. HAHAHAHA Yeap, I’ve seen him in your Ti Amo recaps and I’m so glad he’s just having fun here with Junho, who’s really cute. Heehee. I hope they do more collabs soon! 😛



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