Couple Post #1: Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario

Inspired by Cel’s “New Fave Couple Post”, I wanted to post a celebrity couple post too but I didn’t want to just post Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone too (love them!). So off I go, wondering when will I get to post my own couple post. It has come to my knowledge recently that these two are dating and OMG, why did I learn about this just now? It’s so sad, you know. But better late than never, they say! /cliche


So who are they anyway? Oh my, if you don’t know, I don’t wanna be friends with you. Hahaha! Kidding. Anyway, Patrick J. Adams is half of the awesome partnership of Mike Ross (his character) and Harvey Specter in Suits, simply the slickest law show on earth. Troian Bellisario is just my favorite character in Pretty Little Liars, where she plays Spencer. So I love them individually and so when I heard that they’re actually together, I made squeaky dolpin sounds! It’s just that I love them both and together, it’s just amazeballs. They’re together together for so long (since 2010 I think), as in living together, going to places such as New Zealand, Mexico and everywhere. Patrick J. Adams pursues photography and his shots of Troian are just breathtaking, the subject and just the entire photo. You can check that out in Patrick’s tumblr’s troian tag. Sigh, I mean, it’s my dream to have a photographer boyfriend hahaha! So, words are escaping me now so it’s time to post pictures! Commence mini picspam! Sorry, I was getting lazy so there’s just a few but just check out tumblr blogs dedicated to them. 🙂





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