Promos for The Secret Circle S01E19 Crystal

And the extended promo below. Enjoy!

Promos for The Vampire Diaries S03E19 Heart of Darkness

And below is the extended promo. Seriously? I have to wait until April 19 for this Delena goodness? ARGH. Enjoy! (Forwood! Heehee.)

Preview for Love Rain Episode 3


Songs from I Just Want My Pants Back S01E11 Quid No Quo

Gringo Star – Light In The Sky
Scene: Jason and Tina enter the subway

Custom Kings – I Remember The Good Times
Scene: Stacey tries to talk Eric into going to a pottery class

Bangs – Fakes
Scene: Tina and Jason meet Kate at the bar

Wax Idols – Gold Sneakers
Scene: Kate and Jason hook up; Kate does her impressions

Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes
Scene: Kate asks Jason about getting a role in Spiderman

Blouse – Videotapes
Scene: Paul and Tina get a bite to eat, he tells her that he’d like to spend his last night in New York with her

Burning Hearts – I Lost My Colour Vision
Scene: Jason tells Kate that he has been misleading her, but she doesn’t seem to care

Bowerbirds – Northern Lights
Scene: Paul tells Tina that he is going to miss her, they share a special moment

A.N.R. – Stay Kids
Scene: Eric arrives at Stacey’s pottery class

Caveman – Thankful
Scene: Paul lets Tina know that his job in London fell through

Songs from The Secret Circle S01E18 Sacrifice

“You’re Mine” by Devin
Scene: Opening scene.

“You Wish You Were Red” by Trailer Trash Tracys
Scene: John checks up on Cassie while she’s at work and then invites her to go mini-golfing.

“Boom Boom” by Donora
Scene: Everyone sets up for the the hockey team’s awards dinner at the Boathouse.

“A Reason To Give Up” by Howl Baby Howl
Scene: Melissa and Faye wait on the hockey team; Adam helps Melissa get Kyle’s attention from Faye.

“Meet Your Maker” by The Big Sleep
Scene: Adam helps Faye steal Kyle’s attention from Melissa; Adam confronts Kyle for flirting with Faye and Melissa when he has a girlfriend.

“Tuck The Darkness In” by Bowerbirds
Scene: Cassie finds Diana at the cafe.

“Homecoming” by The Duke Spirit
Scene: Grant asks Diana for another chance; Adam and Cassie talk as he’s dropping her off at home.

Lee Yeo Won models Escada for Marie Claire


Gorgeous. The outfits are very wearable and would be normal-looking but Lee Yeo Won elevates each outfit. The background should also be thanked as it gave a moody feel to the photos without being over-the-top. Bravo, Marie Claire! Enjoy two more under the cut! I hope more photos get released.

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Songs from The Vampire Diaries S03E18 The Murder of One

Sorry for the delay, I was out the whole day, enjoying the start of summer. Hahaha! Enjoy the songs and don’t spoil me yet! 😛

“Demons” by Sleigh Bells
Scene: Alaric, Damon and Stefan make weapons out of the Wickery Bridge sign.

“Shame And Fortune” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Scene: Rebekah tortures Damon; Klaus judges the way Rebekah is torturing Damon.

“On Your Way” by Alabama Shakes
Scene: Stefan eavesdrop on Sage and Finn.

Kim Min Seo for InStyle Korea


Kim Min Seo is truly a chameleon. She looks different in every pic and I swear, she looks like Gu Hye Sun in the last one. Anyway, enjoy!

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#nowplaying One Thing (Acoustic Version) – One Direction

BoA for Marie Claire Korea



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