Promos for Breaking In’s Season Two Premiere “The Contra Club”

Remember when I blogged it back then that Breaking In’s being renewed for a second season? Well, time flies so fast and we’re one week away from seeing the gang again on March 6 (7 for me). Sadly, this reunion isn’t that rosy-colored as Trevor Moore aka Josh and Michael Rosenbaum aka Dutch won’t be part of the gang anymore. Instead, they’re gonna be replaced by Megan Mullally as Ronnie, the new boss of Contra Security, and Erin Richards as Molly, her assistant.

I should be happy, right? Because Bret Harrison is still here and I miss him so much. But after seeing the previews two weeks ago (and yes, sorry, I’m only posting them now), I was missing the old gang. I love Cash and Melanie should still be there since she’s Cameron’s love interest but I think it isn’t the same without Josh and Dutch around. They are SO FREAKIN’ funny that, sigh. I’ll still watch the show but if the promos show anything, it’s like Bret Harrison gets put in the back-burner while it turns into a Megan Mullally show. Maybe that’s just me that isn’t happy about it because I honestly don’t know Megan Mullally and I don’t think I’d like her British assistant too. And what’s great about the first season was that yes, Bret Harrison gets top billing and he’s the lead, but in its essence, it’s an ensemble cast. But now it seems like Megan Mullally’s the center of the show. I hope that’s just in the previews or at least just in the pilot. I maybe biased but I generally dislike her character when I see them in movies and shows. Oh well, here’s hoping that I can still find enjoyment and love this show amidst the changes. Everything and everyone’s gotta grow, I guess.

After my dramatic rant, here are two more promos: here and here! Enjoy?


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